The M.E.G.
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Who are The M.E.G.?:
The M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") are a Faction made by the People of The Backrooms as it started out as an Exploration Outpost, to a sort of Military Government for The Backrooms. They are the people that try to keep the Wanderers of The Backrooms safe, from Entities, Traps, and other Groups, like The Cold Reich, which they are at war with, for territory of Levels, like Level 3. The M.E.G. have multiple Teams for multiple tasks, to ensure the safety of the Wanderers. This Faction is extremely friendly, and will allow new members in to a Team known as Team "Volunteer Squad", until they are ready to be in a Team of their own..

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Here is the List of events that have happened in The M.E.G. that are not in order:

List of Teams:

M.E.G. Leaders:

M.E.G. Squads

M.E.G. Outposts

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