The Lunatic
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ID: Morgana Casinos : The Lunatic

[Morgana Council: Council Advisor]
[NAME]: The Lunatic

Last Known Location(s): Level 777, Lost Vegas Casino

Short Description:

The Lunatic is a hivemind-like system of infected individuals whos conciousnesses are connected via unknown means. All infected individuals present as "Simon Etterick" and are aware of other infected indivuals by sight alone. The only physical sign that an individual is connected to the hivemind is the wide grin the host dons upon infection, as well as a change in demeanor and presentation. The hivemind is theorized to be made up of approximately three thousand (3,000) host bodies that inhabit Level 777. These hosts make up the staffing of the establishment known as "Lost Vegas Casino" within said level.


Picture illustrating the interior of the Lost Vegas casino.

Last Known Location(s):

The original host of The Lunatic can be found within the Lost Vegas Casino itself, and is depicted as the figure head of said casino. It is unknown if the original host has a higher heirarchy than other hosts given the nature of the hivemind.


The Lunatic's physical form is subject to change, but the personality presented by hosts is always the same; Simon Etterick appears to be a cocky individual, always sure of their ability to win gambles, regardless of the current standings. If a host is injured in any way, Simon normally will attempt to remove the cause of the incident in a dignified manner. Angering Simon is difficult, but not impossible; Doing so causes the normal grin that marks a host of The Lunatic to morph into a frown. Hosts will then attempt to dispatch the cause of the grievance, typically through violent means.

The casino in which The Lunatic is found is known as Lost Vegas Casino. To gamble within the casino, one must purchase a Collector's Card from the welcome desk. A Collector's Card is a physical representation of the wanderer's "will". The more will a wanderer has, the less they are affected by mind-altering effects.

Lost Vegas Casino is known for the tournaments held and presented by the original host themself. The most popular event by far is The Fine Game of Nil tournament. Said tournament lasts approximately a week, and often leads to many wanderers bankrupting their Collector's Card entirely.

Hosts of The Lunatic are the byproduct of said bankrupting within the casino. Once a wanderer bankrupts, they are assimilated into The Lunatic's hivemind almost immediately. It is theorized that this is due to a virus that casino-goers are subjected to once they enter Lost Vegas Casino. No known innoculation exists for said virus, save for diligent thriftiness.


The Fine Game of Nil
The Fine Game of Nil (Also known as Nil) is a game similar to hold'em, save for a few additional rules unique to the Nil variation. The game is set as normal, with the exception of an additional card being added, that being the Nil. The Nil, once drawn, must be revealed to the table. The player who draws the Nil effectively doubles down on their bet. Folding with the Nil causes it to be passed to the player on the left. Winning with the Nil returns the card to the deck. Losing with the Nil removes the card from play for that table.

An additional change to the typical game is the Quitter's Fee- an additional payment required of those who leave the table in the red. This payment is standard across the casino, normally being a rounded-up fifth of the player's losses. However, if the Quitter's Fee is invoked during a game of Nil, the player is bankrupted regardless of balance or loss amount.

Exploration Recording #009 Log Date 04/11/2020

Explorer Kyle Flynn enters Lost Vegas Casino of Level 777 on November Fourth of 2020. Having gambled within the casino prior to being recruited, they already are in possession of a Collector's Card, and head straight for a Stud table located in the first quadrant of the second floor.

Flynn takes a seat at a table that is mid game, three wanderers have folded while two continue the hand. One wanderer presents a flush, the other an ace high. The loser appears distressed, before their mouth morphs suddenly into a grin, presumably having bankrupted.

DEALER: Newbie coughs up the blind.

DEALER extends a device towards EXPLORER, who inserts their Collector's Card into said device. The payment is completed and play begins.

EXPLORER: So, how long have you been dealing for the casino?

DEALER chuckles at the question

DEALER: You haven't been here fer long, have ya kid?

WANDERER1, seated directly to EXPLORER's right, chuckles as well.

WANDERER1: I'll enlighten ya'; Everyone with that creepy grin ya' see the dealer wearin'? They're the same dude, goes by Simon.

EXPLORER nods, then assesses their hand. They fold.

EXPLORER: I guess this is another weird question for a new guy to ask, but what was with the guy who left? Looked like he had a stroke or something…

DEALER: He bankrupted, simple as that. Pot goes t' Elliot.

A new hand is dealt. WANDERER4 pays the blind. WANDERER1 nudges EXPLORER to gain their attention.

WANDERER1: So, what're ya' gamblin' in Lost Vegas fer? Try'na taste that cashew crap they sling out of four?

EXPLORER: What? No, just… perusing, you know.


DEALER: Pot goes to Garret. So what, y' lookin' around my place just t' cause a ruckus, huh?

EXPLORER becomes defensive.

EXPLORER: O-of course not, mister Simon. I just like to gamble is all.

WANDERER3: Helluva place t' gamble in, slick. What, yer friends at your scout troop not into a bit of sinnin'?

DEALER's grin morphs into a frown.

DEALER: We don't deal t' apes from the M.E.G., I'd recommend y' leave before I lose my temper, scout.

EXPLORER: I-I'm not a part o-of the M.E.G. mister, I s-swear-

A gunshot is heard and EXPLORER collapses. Several hosts drag EXPLORER's corpse to a back room and remove the recording device attached to EXPLORER's chest.

HOST: I know yer listenin'. Don't worry 'bout us at Lost Vegas, 'kay? We'd rather not have t' remove more of you apes from th' place, bad fer business and all that jazz. Be sure t' tell the good doc' we said hey~

The recording ends. The mutilated corpse of Explorer Kyle Flynn was found outside of M.E.G. Base Alpha on Level 0 with an encrypted note attached to his body. As of archival, the letter has yet to be decrypted.

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