The Lost
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Who are The Lost?:

The Lost are a faction created by people from Ancient Civilizations, that have No-Clipped into The Backrooms thousands of years ago. The different Civilizations have grouped up into a faction, and they have created a new Language, which still remains untranslated, although they do use their native writing, and language when talking to their individual team members. Each group of the Faction, is made by the people of their civilization, with their proper belief systems. The people of this faction are the oldest and wisest in The Backrooms, and know Levels and Places we never discovered before, and they are the most skilled Hunters and Combat Artists in The Backrooms. The Groups don't really have a main base, they move around, only making, temporary Outposts in Levels. This Faction is friendly, but is not up for trading, and will attack if provoked by force. The faction was first created by the Mayan group "The Lost Mayans", until more and more civilizations came into the faction. There are modern people that got accepted into the faction, and speaks both English, and their Secret Language, they will translate a few things, but won't translate the entire language, and keep it secret.

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Here is the List of events that have happened in The Lost that are not in order:

  • The New Underworld

List of Teams:

The Civilizations:

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