The Lost

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Who are The Lost?:

The Lost is a collective term referring to the multiple ancient cultures within the backrooms which have allied with each other over the years, building up a very large nation divided into discreet parties. Each faction of The Lost has different cultures, rules, and attitudes to other groups within the backrooms.

The Lost's creation stems from before the creation of many other major groups, and have seen parts of the history of the backrooms that no other known surviving group has. During the time period at which The Lost's first faction joined the backrooms, humankind had yet to grow much at all, and thus were able to grow to a larger size without the threat of other warring factions.

The exact number of members within The Lost is unclear due to their seclusive nature, however may be anywhere from 50 to over 500 individuals. Relations with The Lost should be held in high regard, as war with any one part of the faction means war with the entirety of the group due to their bond in arms.

Allied Societies

So far, two allied nations have been documented to be a part of The Lost:

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