The Lemonade Stand
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The Lemonrooms

Wait, I'm an author now? Dangit… uh… okay this theme… yea that works… make the text yellow… ooh! Perfect… and- here we go!

Does my lemon-colored text hurt your poor untrained eyes? Oh well.


Hey look! Its me!

About me!

Hey there, I'm Lemon. (aka Henry). My main interests are writing, drawing, and gaming. I'm a generally outgoing and kind guy, so I'm up to reading anything. To be honest, I'm not all that interesting. I'm a staff member of the Backrooms Wiki, and also a failed greenlighter-trainee. That's really all!

My Pages:

My personal works of fine art… I'd suggest reading all of them.

Level 148: The Living Level

Level 148 Broogli Youtube Video
  • What is there to say? It's a level that lives and breathes like a regular person… except it also desperately wants to kill you… As it also has a Broogli Youtube video, you know it has to be amazing!

To Be At Sea

  • A nice change in pace for my pages. A nice serene ocean with wondrous creatures known as "Island Stalkers" roaming, and open communities willing to rescue any wanderer.

Knox Kane

  • The POI of Level 148. He's the leader of the Dome and the definition of "maverick". I wonder what he may do…

George McCarson

  • Because why NOT add a serial killer and ex-mafia member to the Backrooms?

Object 85

  • My Objectcon 2022 entry. A BNTG-traded fruit with many healing properties. Unfortunately, it is also an addictive drug… so don't overdose!

Level 988 - "Freeze Frame"

  • A sad story of an unfortunate family told in photo-perfect snapshots.


I don't have many, but here are the ones I can think of:
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