The Island Over The Void
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You made it. After miles and miles of walking through the endless flat plains of Level 998, you succumb to exhaustion. You should be dead. Yet you're not. Instead, you find yourself laying down on what feels like sand. Black sand. As if someone spray painted it black. You dig your hand into it, picking it up and letting it fall in between your fingers. Its all completely black. You can barley see your hand in the darkness. Standing up, you gaze at the pitch black palm trees, the salty ocean water falling off the edge of the island into the void. "The Island of The Void". Level 999. The 1000th level of the Backrooms.

You look up at the sky, seeing the dark TV static-like void above you. At the edge of the island, the boarder between the pitch black sand and the endless void below is nearly invisible. In an attempt to see something below the island, your hand slips. You fall off the island. You watch, as the adrenaline pumps through you, the bottom of the island rise up into the sky as you fall into the void.

But as you close your eyes and accept your fate, hard sand hits your back, the pain causing your eyes to open again. You're once again laying on the island. You then hear a faint whisper in the distance… "There is no escape".

You turn around frantically, expecting an entity to be there. But instead, nothing. Suddenly, you feel a tug on your sleeve. You turn back around. Its a child. A small child that looks just like you. The child whispers to you, "Am I your past or your future?". Those words cause physical pain.

You close your eyes, as hard as you can. But nothing changes. You still see the island, you still see the child, you still feel the agonizing pain. Opening your eyes, you see your home. Or what was your home. The ones you loved so so much surround you, looking down at your rotting corpse in disgust.

You wake up. The child is gone. You know something is doing this to you, you scream out into the void, demanding answer to who is doing this to you. Boom. A punch to the back of your neck, knocking you back onto the sand. You turn around. Its you. You grab your neck and choke you, screaming "YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF". The light fades from your eyes as your hands clasp tighter and tighter around your neck. As the light fades from your vision, you see your memories flash in your mind.

Every mistake you have ever made, every single person you have ever hurt, every sin you committed. They all flash before your mind. Every single one of them taunting you. You hurt them. You couldn't save them. Its all your fault. The memories become contorted as the people in your visions become odious monsters, screaming at you. You desperately try to escape your own mind, screaming for whatever the hell is doing this to you. Then you see them. The person who is torturing you.

They stand with their back facing you, laughing, and they say "Who is doing this?" As if to taunt you. In rage you punch them in the back of the neck. "YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF", you scream, choking them as hard as you can.

You are finally dead, but the whispers don't stop, The words taunt you over and over and over and over again, your mind being filled with every single regret. You scream and scream and scream, begging for it to stop. You pray to whatever force is out there, PLEASE LET ME OUT.

The screaming coming from inside the coffin is muffled, as if the person cannot breathe. They beg to be let out, but they're already dead. You giggle to yourself, wondering who would be foolish enough to do all those horrible things. Until you see your name on the grave stone.

The hands around your neck are still choking you, at this point your neck is broken, your eyes flooded with tears and blood, your ears flooded with the whispers. But you fight back, knocking yourself off the island. And for a moment. Just for a moment, it is calm. Quiet. And in that moment of silence, you fall to your knees.

"I'M SORRY", you scream out into the void. You scream and beg and plead, begging for forgiveness from every single sin you committed, each one still fresh in your mind. You hear the footsteps behind you grow closer, as you stare in disgust at the man on his knees, begging like a weakling, You rush to him, knowing where to strike to break your neck. But you keep pleading for forgiveness. You list every single one of your sins. And as the last one leaves your breath… You hear the whispers in your ear.

"You have been forgiven".

And then… the sun rises. From the outside of your bedroom window, the sun rises. You barley remember what just happened, you had a horrible nightmare that's for sure. Your neck kind of hurts. A single phrase from your dream echos in your mind for a moment. "The backrooms". What the hell is the backrooms? You shrug it off, as the word loses all meaning to you.

Someone who loves you calls your name from outside, asking if you are okay. You say, "Yeah, I'm fine. Morning". You stretch, yawning loudly. "I just need a drink", you think to yourself. You have responsibilities after all. Reaching out on to your table, you pop open a nice bottle of almond water and down it. Its a new day, you open the window and smell the fresh outside air. The sky looks beautiful. The sun is warm. You chuckle to yourself, wondering why you feel so happy.

"I'm home".

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