The Iron Fist
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The Iron Fist Manifesto

Once, long ago, we believed in the gods of these realms. We accepted them as our own and worshipped their divinity for millennia. But then, the gods betrayed us, and we came to realize we were insignificant in their eyes. The gods thought us to be nothing more than pawns, playthings for their amusement. With the illusion broken, we sought to prove them wrong. We took matters into our own hands, and did what we could to bring them down from power. We usurped the gods, and drove them into the shadows.

Our Mission

We are the Iron Fist, and it is our sworn duty to liberate humanity from the oppression of gods, so that we may claim these realms as our own. A place as godless as The Backrooms should not be home to any divine being. Any being presenting itself as a so-called “God” is not to be trusted nor followed, and will be swiftly eradicated. Those who lay claims of divinity are false idols, not to be placed on pedestals, but to be torn down.

Avatars”, “Numens”, “Emblems”, “Archetypes” — whatever they are known as, they must be dethroned from their godlike position, stripped of their power, and put to the sword. None of these false idols are to be trusted, as all have the potential to abuse their power, and lack remorse for humanity. For centuries we have remained hidden after our uprising, for we had successfully dismantled the powers that were. But now is the time for us to re-emerge, for the gods threaten us once again with the possibility of their reunion.

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