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The Intruder is an evasive fugitive of unpredictable nature and unknown purposes. He is known to interfere with the hunts and operations of our organization for no reason other than to “follow his script.”


The subject consistently appears as a male of Japanese (Uchinanchu) descent, with black hair, a brown eye, and light skin. His most defining features, however, are the flower encrusted in his left eye and the vines expanding from it. While the specific type of flower growing from his eye socket may change, its presence is guaranteed, thus being the easiest way to identify The Intruder. Aside from this oddity, the individual lacks any other notable physical characteristics, appearing to be about 35 years old and 1.7 meters tall.

Although The Intruder has proven to be capable of acquiring all kinds of garments and equipment, he rarely wears anything outstanding, choosing instead clothes that will help him act unnoticed. Paradoxically, The Intruder is always seen carrying one of two objects which tend to attract attention. The first is a common rain umbrella, and the second what appears to be an oddly designed wooden oar. He usually uses these objects as weapons, as they are more effective at combat than a regular object of their characteristics should be, suggesting that the items might be enchanted or enhanced in some way.


Careful monitoring of The Intruder's activity has revealed that his behavior is completely inconsistent. The agents in charge of the surveillance efforts mostly registered him acting as an ordinary wanderer partaking in all kinds of seemingly random activities, but he was also seen operating under the banner of multiple organizations. According to the records of our Law Keepers, The Intruder has so far been detected masquerading as M.E.G. officers, B.N.T.G. representatives, and even as a watcher within the Justice Seekers. Under custody and interrogation of the Seekers, he stated that he was "only playing his role" when questioned about these quick changes in allegiances. The meaning behind this statement remains unknown.

Despite his extensive record of disruptions, the accumulated sin of The Intruder remains low in comparison to that of other high priority objectives of our organization. As such, he is not considered a major threat to the integrity of the Labyrinth and has instead been determined a target since his interference typically results in undesirable scenarios for the Eyes of Argos. Multiple attempts to capture The Intruder have been carried out, only two of which ended up being successful. On these two occasions, he eventually escaped, managing to evade even the most powerful wards of the Son's of Guilt and the deepest dungeons of the Sin Hunters.


Encounters between The Intruder and The Eyes of Argos are few and far between, but all of particular note. In his most recent clash with our organization, the subject was discovered infiltrating a group of Justice Seekers. He was promptly detained once he was caught, and an interrogation took place while the patrol prepared to take the individual to the Seeker's court in The Tribunal. The following is a curated record of said interrogation.

Recording excerpts

[SEEKER MARIA]: It appears that we had the very intruder among us and we didn't even realize it, it would be embarrassing, were it not for the fact that this confirms one of our theories. You must have some sort of shrouding ability, and if it bypassed our True Vision and Alain's Lawcrow…

[THE INTRUDER]: It's not really a power, more like a consequence. It's what happens when I get inserted into a narrative without further thought.

[ . . . ]

[SEEKER MARIA]: Alright, let's try with something easier. How did you get a hold of a watcher's garments?

[THE INTRUDER]: Contrivances, contrivances, contrivances. I recommend you don't think about it too hard, lest we start to reveal the cracks in my incompetent director's master plan.

[SEEKER MARIA]: Well, tell me about this master plan then. Is that what you mean by a script? Is the script you always say to follow the designs of this director?

[THE INTRUDER]: I- I mean, yeah, but I'm pretty sure you got it all wrong.

[ . . . ]

[SEEKER MARIA]: That will do, but let's go back to your director, your leader, I assume. Who are they? What do they want? Are you the only working for them?

[THE INTRUDER]: Goodness, calm down with the questions! This reminds me of that one time this Doctor Berries guy tried to research me, except… nope, there's no lava pit this time.

[SEEKER MARIA]: Lava pit?

[THE INTRUDER]: Yeah, and don't even try to ask me why it was there. Again, I never question whatever the author puts in my way.

[SEEKER MARIA]: A pit, a pit full of lava. Right, and what was the purpose of this pit, why did your director send you there?

[THE INTRUDER]: Oh, the purpose? For me to jump in, clearly. A cruel joke, I tell you! These new authors, they have no consideration for me!

[SEEKER MARIA]: The Lawcrow isn't reacting, so he must be telling the truth, but…

[THE INTRUDER]: Listen, all I know is that I was supposed to jump in. Nothing out of the ordinary, of course, but I was very surprised when the Berries guy jumped right behind me, and I was even more surprised to discover him alive and kicking a couple of weeks ago.

[SEEKER MARIA]: Hmm, I see. We will have to ask the Custodians if they have anything on a Doctor Berr—

At this point during the interrogation, the Lawcrow of INQUISITOR ALAIN began to caw incessantly, and the talisman of SEEKER MARIA began to vibrate, signaling the presence of a Wraith in the surrounding area.

[SEEKER MARIA]: Alain, are you seeing this? We cleared the area, there was no spectral activity 7 grounds around! It's… impossible.

[THE INTRUDER]: Oh, I'm so sorry about that. I guess the author reaaaally needs me somewhere else. Uhm, bye?

[SEEKER MARIA]: Wait! Alain, pursue him! We can't—

Following the detection, a wall near the temporary outpost collapsed, revealing a horde of Death Rats and Deathmoths displaying an unusually aggressive behavior towards the watchers. Among the creatures was also "The Headless Hunter," a fugitive Wraith which had never been seen cooperating with other creatures previously.

[SEEKER MARIA]: Justice divine… The Hunter— That doesn't even—

[THE INTRUDER]: Like I said, it looks like my presence is required. Too bad the author had to resort to this, it's painfully obvious that this is a rushed job. Anyway, I hope you survive, this has certainly been the best experience as a captive I've ever had!

The subject proceeded to escape the scene, completely ignored by The Headless Hunter and the hordes of Death Rats and Deathmoths, which only focused on our forces.


Initially, The Intruder was believed to be an inconsequential individual whose actions lacked any significance, but as our knowledge of the subject deepened, this idea was discarded. The recent discoveries that The Intruder merely plays "roles," "follows a script," and has one or multiple "directors" suggest that all his behavior has been carefully planned and executed under the purview of an unknown entity.

Current efforts are focused on identifying this director, uncovering their agenda and, if deemed appropriate, terminating their and The Intruder's operations. In order to achieve this, a task force comprised of the most immaculate Inquisitors of Truth has been created. Their purpose is to monitor the subject's every move and capture him once they have collected enough information for our Custodians to accurately determine the hidden intent behind The Intruder's seemingly random actions.

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