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Photo of The Tower.

The Tower is a sub-level of The Hub, serving as a nexus to all levels of the backrooms. Judging by the information known about it, it is the oldest and likely first aspect of the level to have existed.


The Tower is accessed from The Hub's main tunnel system, from any one of ten possible entrances. The sublevel itself is a tall cylindrical tower, the architecture of which is distinctly Greco-Roman. It lacks windows, and instead light is primarily provided - although dimly - by rays of perpetual dusk which radiate from an unknown source. In the center of the structure, on the ground, is the remnant of a defaced marble statue.


Broken statue found in the center of The Tower.

The structure itself branches out into ten evenly-spaced entrances into different points of The Hub's tunnel system. Above this are 10 evenly-spaced level doors in circular rows, stacked upon each-other to a varying degree. A winding spiral staircase wraps around the inside the tower, allowing access to the higher rows. Individuals have climbed several hundreds of rows, with there still being no end in sight, while others have reached the top in only five rows, suggesting that the structure regularly shifts itself around. Occasionally, some of the rows may be furnished with various objects such as cultural artifacts, like a museum. Most artifacts have been identified with well-known objects in The Backrooms, however there are also some which are still pending identification. At the top of the tower is what appears to be a meeting hall, with a circular arrangement of an indeterminant number of marble thrones.

The Tower's level doors have a much more ornate design compared to those within The Hub proper. The rules of these doors apply to the rest in the main Hub. However, thus far, the doors have not yet been identified with any level, no level keys have been attributed to them, and there has been no documentation of unlocking them.


Only one entity is known to reside in The Tower, and that is The Keymaster. In most circumstances, he will be absent, and there likely won't be any encounter. However, if you are in possession of a Level Key and happen to be passing through, he is guaranteed to always make an appearance. Typically, he acts annoyed by the presence of others here, as if his personal private space is being intruded upon. For this reason, he is eager to get rid of people. If someone is having difficulty in finding the corresponding door of a level key, he is quick to point out the door on his own and even guide them to it. It seems that only he has complete knowledge of The Hub's innerworkings, always knowing which door leads what level.

Besides The Keymaster, The Tower is completely devoid of entities.

Entrances And Exits:

To access The Tower, you must navigate through the tunnel system of The Hub. After a period of wandering, you will eventually find a large ornate door at the end of a tunnel. There are ten of these scattered throughout The Hub, and entering any one of them will bring you into The Tower.

To exit, simply go through any of the tunnels leading back into the main Hub. Upon exiting The Tower, it will be impossible to re-enter afterwards. Use your opportunity wisely while you are in it.

Possible Origin

The architecture of The Tower, along with other evidence, provides a strong indication that it was originally constructed The Lost as a place of worship dedicated to a certain deity. All members of The Lost to be questioned on this have refused to provide any answer, claiming all discussion of the matter to be "sacrilege".

M.E.G. Notice:

Date: 08/08/2019

Through our research, much more new information and data has come to light. All of which more-so confirms that The Tower is not a Sub-Layer like we originally thought, but instead a part of The Hub Unnumbered Level itself.

The product of all our research and compilation is the updated file of The Hub, attached below.

Update: 08/08/2019
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