The Hive
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An area that is rumoured to resemble The Hive.

The Hive is a Level that seems to be the Entities home.


According to an anonymous user who found the level, The Hive seems like an endless maze of caverns and caves where fleshy inanimate tentacles cover the roof, floor and walls, and the rooms are dotted with alien looking eggs, at least 1.5 meters big that cover columns in the middle of large caverns. A pastel blue fog coats the air. The anonymous user states that it is hard to breathe in The Hive, probably due to little oxygen, and has also witnessed some eggs hatch Hounds, Crawlers, and Deathmoths that seemed to act docile for a few minutes before turning hostile.

This gives the impression that some of the entities in the Backrooms reproduce. The anonymous user has also said that there can be heard howls from all directions. He has also said that there are a lot of hostile entities in this area, including a previously undiscovered entity known as the High Queen. This makes The Hive one of the most dangerous levels discovered to date. The user who discovered the area eventually escaped a few days later, as he says, "by wandering through tunnels that seem to lead to different levels." He located found entrance to Level 0, but when he walked through it, the tunnel disappeared behind him.

A theory 'making it's way around' states that the eggs may be the origin of the entities of the other levels of the Backrooms, or at least an origin point from which they exit, although this has been disproved with further testing. It is currently unknown where the entities of the other levels of the Backrooms originate from.

Entrances And Exits:

The anonymous user who found The Hive states that 'he fell through a hole in the floor in Level 6 and landed somewhere completely different.' It's noted that The Hive is very difficult to enter. To Exit, It is not particularly difficult to exit The Hive. The most common way to exit is through tunnels that are usually in the walls of a cavern, although there is a possibility of no-clipping into Negative Levels.

There’s also a possibility of entering through Level 8.

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