The Heart Bleeds
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Decided “screw it im posting this”. Enjoy. Or don’t. Your choice.
Author: Sky3Sky3


I know you're scared… but please just calm down. Panicking won't do you any good. You'll get through this.

Pristine, white walls and intricately tiled floors—it almost gives me a sense of security. There is no sign of treachery but, there is a feeling of uncanniness. How can a place typically filled with obstacles and small chatter feel so empty? There are no frantic footsteps, no whirring machinery, and no loud door slams. It's a completely quiet area—I can't hear the echoes. No… it's not my time.

How comforting must it have felt to never be more than a couple feet away from medical help? Years ago, I would scream "Help" in a hospital hallway during an emergency, and in mere moments, a couple nurses would hear my cries and bring me back to good health. Now, nobody hears me. One misstep by my body and I'll lay dying on the floor. My story ends here.

No… the heart rate's slowing down. Get a doctor or something! Quickly!

I feel sick. Why did I wander off? Why must I have tried to satisfy that urge? I should have stayed in one place. I'm trying to remember how I came here, but it all just makes my head spin. In eerie nothingness, I can even hear my own heartbeat. I'm trying to stay afloat, but what can you do when there are so many doors and so many directions? Do you just go a random way and pray for the best? Is there any strategy, or does survival come down to pure luck? Why must I be the one to die without having lived a fulfilling life?

I'm surrounded by comfort, but my brain senses danger. How can that be? There are no external threats—it's just a feeling of dread within me. Am I even alive? I just desperately want to wake up in a hospital bed and believe that these events were all false creations in the back of my mind. But I feel real. My body feels real. I feel the vigor in my bones, but I can feel it waning. I am fading.

Stay with me, will you?

Being stressed all the time really takes a toll on your heart. Adventure is thrilling but taxing. I'm feeling the effects. Heart's beating faster and faster. At some point, it's going to stop. I know it will… but I don't know when. Even with increasingly blurred vision, I start to see figures out of the corner of my eye, but they're not as real as me. Even if they were real, they're not here to nurse me or take care of me. They're here to watch me take my last breath.

What a fitting end, though—to be born in a hospital and to die in a hospital. To be brought into this world with dozens of figures staring at you, and to exit this world with dozens of figures staring at you. Echoes of my voice turn into echoes of my weak breaths. And as my heart stops beating, the quiet ambience returns as the echoes of silence fill the air once more. In the everlasting chaos of this world, I have finally found peace.

Too late.

Now, I relax in nothingness until eternity's end, fading to black.

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