The Headquarters
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Class Argos

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Eyes of Argos presence

Photo of The Headquarters taken by an unknown wanderer.


The Headquarters are the main base of the Eyes of Argos. They are located in an area of Level 11 where reality folds on itself, which means that to reach it you must follow a specific path through the streets. So far The M.E.G. is only aware of the place where this path starts, since the route that must be followed after this point is kept in high secrecy by the Eyes.

The building has the appearance of a 1940's police station, little is known about its interior but it appears to contain the type of rooms one would expect in a building of its class with the addition of dorms, a "library" and other rooms of unknown purpose. In addition, the building exhibits a structural anomaly whereby the interior space is several times larger than the exterior appears to be.

The location where the road to The Headquarters begins is patrolled by members of the Eyes of Argos. They are not hostile to those who pass nearby, but they have firmly rejected all attempts of alliance with The M.E.G. It is not recommended to try to seek refuge in The Headquarters as it will almost certainly be rejected, though there are rumors of people who have been sheltered inside in extreme circumstances.

Due to the limited information available on this highly important point on Level 11, it was decided to carry out an infiltration mission. Below are the transmissions we received from Paxton, the operative who volunteered for the mission.

Entrances And Exits:

The Headquarters are a quite tricky room to sneak into, starting with the fact that the route to get there is constantly monitored. If by any chance you manage to mislead the guards, then you will have to enter the "rift" that separates The Headquarters from the rest of Level 11. Navigating this rift is complicated, you must follow a specific route through the streets or you will be lost for eternity without being able to return to the rest of the city.

And all, so that once you get there you'll find yourself surrounded by a bunch of Eyes who won't be happy that you've reached their private grounds. Honestly, I don't see much reason to try to reach them.

- Suraj C.

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