The Hadal Zone
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I hear the echoes.

What awaits us at the bottom?

Are you still there?

Author: Sky3Sky3

"As you crawl deeper into the hole, the light of the exit starts to wane until it is no longer present, shrouding you in nothing but complete darkness. How does it feel to be indefinitely suspended in limbo, standing between the abundance of light and the utter absence of it?" ~ Anonymous Wanderer


Class deadzone

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  • Lifeless Frontier


A deep dive into Level 7's vast ocean will reveal that there is no floor—it is a sea with infinite depth, a bottomless pitfall. If one fails to keep themselves afloat, they will likely sink forever into the abyss, rotting in the saltwater and never to be found again. Any cries for help are muffled by the sheer volume of water, and any frantic splashes will be seen as part of Level 7's natural tidal patterns. There are no lifeguards to save you and no fish to keep you company. All you have is the light above and the darkness below. However, when that light disappears, all that remains is darkness.

Despite the abundance of water and the lack of oxygen, suffocation never seems to kill anyone here. There will be excruciating pain in your lungs that will grow more intense the longer you hold your breath, but this will subside eventually after your body grows accustomed to the environment, usually after 20 minutes. It is recommended to hold your breath at all times, even if you feel like you must breathe. The pain will become even more unbearable should the caustic saltwater enter your system. Take solace in the fact that the water cannot kill you.


Floating, eroded bones litter the ocean—most are seemingly from human skeletons, but some of them possess unusual properties never seen in any known living being. As one sinks deeper, these unidentifiable bones grow in number and size—some individual bones have more mass than the entire skeleton of a whale. Colliding into one of these massive structures is almost guaranteed to inflict major trauma on your body, possibly rendering you unconscious several kilometers under the surface.

Structures of jagged, sharp rock can be seen as one descends, protruding upward like hands bursting from the earth. The surfaces of these rocks are extremely rough, enough to scrape human skin with even the slightest amount of friction. Though the water occasionally manages to wash the blood off the structures, remnants of flesh can still be seen stuck to piercing edges. These are trophies meant to remind people of the rocks' victims. Do not be their next kill.


The tremors of the ocean floor grow more violent by the second. The increasing water pressure transforms small headaches into excruciating ordeals. It is common for individuals to feel like they are suffocating, crushed under the weight of what feels like a hundred boulders. The salt feels like sharp blades cutting into their eyeballs. The lack of air feels like a match being lit inside their lungs. In the darkness below, there is no seeing—there is only feeling. Dread and helplessness are present, of course, but most importantly, there is pain and suffering.

You are nothing but a mere speck of dust in the titanic sea, a parasite disrupting the natural order of the environment. Do not be surprised if your surroundings try to exterminate you. Just pray that you make it out in one piece. Never come here again.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There is no life at the bottom of the ocean.


  • Swim downward in the raging sea of Level 7 if you dare disturb the slumbering colossus.


  • Resurface. You don't belong here.

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