The Gift Plane
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Class 4

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The Gift Plane.

The Gift Plane is an enigmatic Level of the Backrooms.


The Gift Plane is a town with European architecture that appears to be in the middle of Christmas or the winter season as a whole. The level is extremely cold, with snow continuously falling, sometimes completely blocking off areas entirely. It is constantly night in the gift plane, and most buildings are filled with standard furniture and Christmas décor except for the occasional sleeping bag left by abandoned settlements.

Signs and posters in this level all seem to refer to something called “the great gift”. Certain billboards can be seen with a graphic of a man praising a present-like white box, saying “Live for the great gift- as it gives us out light”.

Base Festivity

When you first enter the level you will be in an area referred to as the “Base Festivity”, as it is the area with the least amount of snow and festive decorations. This area spans across several miles, however, within a few hours of traveling in a direction you will begin to notice excessive amounts of snow and an increasing number of Christmas related décor sometimes cluttering entire blocks and whole streets.

While in Base Festivity you will encounter a few entities such as skin stealers and facelings, however, they are not frequent and are not considered native to this level due to their rarity.

The Holiday


The Holiday.

As you continue to go deeper you will end up in another area called "The Holiday”, this area is the most dangerous. The snow will have gone past the buildings in height, however, it will have hardened from the dangerously low temperatures of the holiday making it relatively walkable. Prolonged exposure to the holiday without any kind of warm clothing whatsoever will kill you quickly.

While The Holiday is mostly composed of snow, the rooftops to buildings, and streetlamps, ice pools can be found covering large portions of areas. It's unknown how this is as the temperature is too cold for rain to persist enough to make these large lakes, however, despite this large sections of the holiday are covered in ice (although the depth of the ice is unknown at its worst the entire surface can be ice for miles at a time)

The Holiday has no entities other than one, as most entities within the backrooms are not suited to its freezing temperatures.


The Holiday only has one entity specific to that area of The Gift Plane, referred to as the Clause. The Clause is a man in a black or grey winter coat who wanders the holiday. His face and body are similar to that of a corpse, and the Clause may be a reanimated dead man. The Clause does not attack however going to close may result in the Clause disappearing completely.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Sons of Christmas

The sons of Christmas are a now-defunct group that used to wander the Base Festivity and occasionally The Holiday, who would provide shelter and safety to those lost in The Gift Plane. They had several bases and outposts set up in The Gift Plane, however, they were mostly destroyed by a blizzard that swept the Base Festivity, killing most of the other Gift Plane inhabitants in the process.

Entrances And Exits:


The Gift Plane does not have a well-known entrance, as accounts differ as to how to enter it. being in cold levels like Level -5 and The mountain village may help however exact entrances have mostly been narrowed down to:

  • A Christmas tree that randomly appears in levels. Going near it will cause you to fall through the floor and end up in the gift plane
  • Noclipping in various colder areas
  • Noclipping into trees
  • Noclipping in large city levels like Level 11

None of these have been confirmed entrances as of now.


You can only exit this level by traveling far enough into the holiday to find anything to noclip into, as that is the only area that has common no clipping locations.

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