The Ghost Killer

The Eyes of Argos database is CLASSIFIED.

Any unauthorized personnel caught editing this file are subject to prosecution.

The Ghost Killer, who has no clear name, is an elusive figure within our collective. His position as an Inquisitor of Truth has labeled him as one of our more dangerous members, and possibly one of the most hostile.

Most information around the Killer is unknown at best. It is not known if the Killer came from the Frontrooms, is an existing entity, such as a Howler, or is even a comprehensible being. What is known about the Killer will be listed below, though please take into account that this information is collected from little evidence and speculative ideals.

  • The Killer wears a set of clothing similar to samurai, ninja, or one of ancient Japanese descent. Is known to have an Oni Mask.
  • Uses small weapons, such as sais, knives, throwing daggers, or garrote wires.
  • Never uses firearms, seeing them as "inferior."
  • The right eye from every body was carved out cleanly, which is thought to be a form of calling card left by the Killer.
  • Never leaves a trace leading back to himself.
  • Almost always attacks face to face.
  • Is thought to be a Howler due to the crunching, grinding rock noises that come from his movement. Is usually quiet and suppressed, but still noticeable if listening out for it.

The Killer has been seen before, which slightly contradicts the third theory brought up prior, though he was only ever observed talking to Argos or leaving The Headquarters. When approached, he would be silent to whoever was talking to him, though the speaker would feel cold inside, stating that, "it felt like a demon was looking down on you, judging your entire life, even in casual conversation."


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The Killer left a file on one of the terminals within the Headquarters, which uploaded itself to this document on an unknown date. The contents are listed below.

Justice. What is justice to you? Going through a legal system? Having a judge, jury, and executioner? Though, you all like to cut out the middlemen and get straight to the point. You like to be the executioner, feel the person dying in your hands as you eradicate more sin from this forsaken part of the universe.

I like that.

There are so many people who do wrong in this world, so many who disregard the order that is already in place. You people came into our world, pillaged what existed, and established your own rules and laws.

Argos does not see eye to eye with such matters.

Us Eyes are his hands, and we must establish the balance that had remained here for millennia before humanity. I remember the time before. Before all of these humans came and ruined our lives. Took away my family and loved ones. I saw them die before my own eyes and could not do anything about it.

Too many people go through this problem. Too many people are violated, exposed, murdered, and destroyed from the greed of humanity. A lot of humans are pure, and many have not committed a sin, but there are those who wish to do nothing but sin. To commit every horrific act possible. While few in number, they have the ability to grow and expand.

Not anymore. You humans will pay for your crimes, and I will make sure nothing will ever make a family have to go through what I had to.

The 500 and more people that I have eradicated from this cursed plane of existence are all sinners. I watch my prey before extermination, carefully looking down upon their pathetic lives as they burn and maim everyone they can to get what they want. The Coalition is obviously the worst, killing anyone that ever stands in their way. They should all die. All of them will burn. I will watch them slowly pass as my hands tighten around their throat.

This all gets quite tiring, you know? I have been killing for what feels like an eternity, and there is so much anger built up inside of my wretched, rocky body that I feel as if I will never run out. As different as we are, you and I, we share similarities. Emotion.

I watched my family die in front of me. My mother was riddled with arrows straight through the neck, and my father was all but butchered. I had hid out behind brush, the child I was, and kept back my tears. Do you know how hard it is for an entity like me to cry? For any "feral" entity to truly give off emotion?

It is so difficult. Much more than you realize.

I was taken in by the Church of the Broken Truce for a while, and after I had matured I had nothing but a burning hatred for humanity. So much vile vexation against your race for what you had done to my life. Believe it or not, we do live. We have good days and bad days, normal activities and entertainment, just like you do.

Too many anger waves have led me to where I am today. A body who is forever covered in blood, no matter how much skin I shed off. I still hold out for the day that humanity can come to our side and we live in peace.

Will it happen in my lifetime? I do not think so. Can I do everything possible to pave the way for the future? Where entities don't have to die? Where we can show our true sides and be friends with one another?

I will do everything in my power to make that dream a reality, even if it means tearing through as many people as possible.

An eye for an eye, a soul for a soul.

~ The Ghost Killer

After this note was uploaded to the EoA Database, the Ghost Killer cut all ties with many members of our collective. He now is only ever seen talking to Argos specifically, when before he had a few other connections and people he talked to. There are attempts under way to get back in contact with the Ghost Killer, as he had very important standings within the Eyes.

A Note from Argos

Recently, as stated prior, the Ghost Killer has cut ties with many of you all. Indeed, he only does talk to me now. The reasons for this will be kept between him and I, but he has… his own troubles and issues that he must face. We cannot elaborate further or provide assistance to our fellow Inquisitor other than wait for the best.

Let him do his job and deal with his demons. We all have some that need to be laid to rest.

~ Argos

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