the game master is dead... HELP ME
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The stage was set, it was perfecting its final trick. Around the room, an abundance of dolls were scattered, laid there by The Game Master herself. The final defense, she needed everything she could get. Her jester show must not end just yet, she still has a crown to hold, and she'll protect that crown no matter what. The toys and games were all put away, just for a bit. Let's begin at the end.

The End (Estimated Date: 8/23/2141)

The Everything Machine. The single machine could do so much, it was a surprise it wasn't destroyed. The Everything Machine was the one item that could be used against her. She must defend, her giddy aura away, genuine fear rose within all parts of her. She only had so much time, the toys must retire away for now. She will see them once more, after the hassle is taken care of.

But what if she didn't?

In the meantime, hope arises within the M.E.G., and how they could finally win. Their greatest nemesis, the one despised the most, finally gone. Where could she have gained all this power? She simply played her games, and now has to live with the doubt in her head. Those evil thoughts, what if i didn't win… They crowd her head in ways she cannot release, yet she must release. How come all the pain landed upon the little girl who wanted to play?

The defenses must be built, the games she holds so dear must be protected.

This is all just a nuisance anyways.

Pretty soon, she'll be back to her origins, playing games as much a she pleases. This simple machine can do little more to her then pose a temporary setback.

Setbacks within the plan (Estimated Date: 9/12/2141)

There may have been a few temporary setbacks, but it was all manageable.

"Okay everyone, we have to get this bad boy to 389 ASAP, begin opening the rift, we need The Everything Machine to recover ASAP."

Well, a bit more the temporary, but this was able to be worked around. For as long as we can get to Level 389, we'll be set. The original attempt of finding our way to 389 has failed, this is simply a workaround.

The machine shook, released a Hexcube, then followed what was expected of it. At most, it would need 1 hour to recover, but the recent state of The Game Masters power may prevent that from happening. At the very least, the entryway was open. Now, just to wait and hope.

The attack will be done shortly.

The Attack (Estimated Date: 9/12/2141)

Attack Plans

1) Start off the battle with a distraction, in order to lower The Game Masters defense. This will be done with a mix of firearms, frantic movements, and usage of The Everything Machine whilst it is charging. The Game Master must not come into contact with The Everything Machine during this charge up phase.

2) Once The Everything Machine is fully ready to go, initiate destruction procedure. This will be done through a release of Hexcubes, which all will focus on targeting and destroying The Game Master

3) Once The Game Master is in a state where she can no longer defend herself or attack, initiate the usage of Mana to drain the last of her life away.

The attack plan will go smoothly, we are ready to fight.

Time for the battle.

The Battle

The battle, so simple, yet so complex. Can anyone even remember this event? The answer is unknown, but for the sake of record-keeping, it'll be put here anyways, for your glorious needs. Why do they feel the need to write down everything. Wouldn't it be more fun if we simply were to remember? That's what I think, anyways.

It was so dreadfully dull, they had me running around, chasing them like they were mice. It was fun at first, sure, but after a while it was the same old thing. Their little guns did little more than bounce off me, and their machine was still charging.

But what about once that dreadful machine was ready?

Well, I'll admit, it was a lot more powerful than I thought it would initially would be. So much harm to my feeble body. But alas, it was never enough. Weakened, about to die, that Mana only made things worse. But then, I was saved, by none other than myself. I'm weakened right now, but soon, oh so very soon, I'll be back, and stronger than ever before.

They don't know that yet though~

For now, I reside in a place which spans across all time now. A place where I can restore myself, though you won't be able to see me there~

Level -983.

The aftermath

We won?

She's gone.

This will only further our plans.

We must get back to work, however, this is a major discovery.

M.E.G. Notice
The following document was located on Level 389. It is currently unknown what the origins of this object are, however, as of now, any information about this document needs to be reported to a M.E.G. official. We are unable to post this document to the public as of now, due to it containing sensitive information about The Everything Machine, which is nowhere near completion. For this reason, this document cannot be trusted as of yet.

Don't believe them, why would you? They hide so much, what if this is a lie as well.

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