The Frontrooms
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The Frontrooms is the name given to what is considered "the real world". It is a plane of existence that almost always follows the laws of physics and the widely accepted "General Rules of Reality". It consists of planet Earth, the surrounding solar system, and the rest of the observable universe. It is also colloquially referred to as simply "normal reality". Inferably, it is the opposite of The Backrooms.1

The General Rules of Reality, or other

Entrances And Exits:


There is no confirmed way to access the Frontrooms from the Backrooms, although several have been theorized. Some claim that they can simply return home the way they came, while others insist returning to normal reality is the greatest reward one can receive from surviving Level 999, the final Level of Cluster I. It is also a very common tactic to lie about being able to be sent home by malicious Entities and factions.


Leaving normal reality and accessing the Backrooms is possible by noclipping. Noclipping happens when your body fails to 'clip', or make contact, with the physical matter you attempt to interact with.2 While it is not understood how noclipping is possible in the Frontrooms, when this does happen, you will end up in Level 0, the first level of the Backrooms. (Although it is also possible to first appear in Level 1 or Level 2) It is also possible to encounter 'glitched' doors, that lead directly into the Backrooms. Interacting with corrupted objects can also teleport you to the Backrooms, with the most common corruptions being on chairs.

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