The Frontrooms
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Do you remember living here?


Please, don't end up like I have.

The Frontrooms is our home, and could be considered as the polar opposite to The Backrooms.


The Frontrooms is the term for anywhere inside the bounds of normal reality. It is outside The Backrooms, a statement often brought into question by the existence of The Blue Channel. The Frontrooms exists in the space of one "universe", with this universe holding an unquantifiable number of galaxies. A singular galaxy can bear up to billions of stars, with most of these stars having a cluster of orbiting planets.

While I'm sure I could write on and on about stars and gas giants and a planet made of diamonds, that's not what you're here for, is it? It's certainly not why I'm here. You're here to reminisce. You want to remember earth, you want to remember walking down the street on a blistering cold winter morning, knowing that you could miss the bus because your pet was distracting you from leaving. Do you remember those feelings?

How long have you been here now? I'm sure your body clock has stopped clocking in the days and weeks and years that have passed by. How are your friends? Are they missing you? You've let your life go on without them. You're here, you're alive. Just as they currently are. I'm sure you may think that your friends are lost and grieving. That may make you sad, angry, confused about why it had to be you to fall through the floor. But if you could move on so easily then, in a slightly cold way, they can too.

This page is to keep your spirits up. The Backrooms is tough, it tests you. Not only physically, but mentally too. Please, don't give up like I have. I know there isn't anything left for me, my bad choices here have damned me to my current life. You, however, still have a chance. Please, don't let the Backrooms rot you away. Be better than it, show you're not afraid of what it can do.

Bases, Communities, And Outposts


The Frontrooms has over 8.1 billion people on Earth. We're beings of war, we've always been in conflict with one another. I suppose that's a good thing about not being in The Frontrooms now, there are no looming threats of war above our heads. Although maybe that's also something you miss.

Entrances And Exits:


If there was an entrance here, I'm sure we'd all have used it by now.


Falling through the floor (or as it's been coined by many groups as "noclipping") is a very reliable way of getting here. Maybe we could share how we got here? I was on my way to work. I was late and running down the road. The rain was thick and heavy, I remember the noise the extremely heavy rain made on my umbrella. How the rain would hit my hood when my arms swung with the umbrella. I then slipped, there was no rain, no road - Just… Yellow, and lots of it.

Please make better choices than the ones I did.

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