The Eyes Of Argos
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The Eyes of Argos archives are CLASSIFIED, any attempt to enter without the required permissions will be prosecuted.

"Every place needs a law to follow, something to hold on, a guide to help distinguish right from wrong. We take it upon ourselves to promulgate that guidance, to keep the inhabitants of this labyrinth in their right mind and to punish those who do not."

- Highmarshal Arcadia, Leader of the Sons of Guilt

Welcome, watcher.

If you are reading this you have been accepted as a member of the Eyes of Argos. Whether it is because justice is among your highest priorities or because you wish to atone for your sins, you are member of the Eyes of Argos now, and as such it is necessary that you have a basic understanding of the inner workings of our organization.


From time immemorial, empires have risen and fallen in their quest to conquer and reign supreme over the land now known as "The Backrooms". Although some have tried to do so fairly, most end up succumbing tragically to corruption through their insatiable desire for power. To stop this our group was created many centuries ago by the hand of our patron Argos. It is the duty of our group to impose the rule by which those who must perish or those who have the option to redeem themselves are measured.


The Eyes of Argos is an organization with one ideal, embracing justice. Each of the beings that enter our organization possesses a different set of beliefs, customs and even inner workings, which drastically affects their view of justice. The Eyes of Argos allows and encourages its members to find their own way of exercising justice and to exercise it towards others.


In recent times we have begun to act not only against large factions, but in support of people wandering alone or in small groups. To achieve this goal we recruit individuals like you from all different times and places.

Being a member of the Eyes of Argos is a great responsibility. You are one of the few lines of defense for justice in this realm of lawlessness. Even so, joining us is not without its privileges. These include unlimited access to our facilities, supplies and databanks, which may assist you in your pursuit of justice.

We give you all these tools for one purpose, that you become one of us, whether you are a watcher, a philosopher, a researcher or an enforcer of Justice by any other means.

Open your eyes wide, Watcher.


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