The Eternal Repository

"Forever Loyal. Forever Eternal"


Finding the Forgotten, Mending the Found.

| What is the Eternal Repository? |

We are a collective of people who share the value of anonymity. No one in our organization know who the one beside them is, other than a codename one chooses upon entering the group. We are also known as information barterers, as that is how we trade with people. If you want information from us, you will have to give our proxies something in return. No exceptions, no secret deals.

| Our Mission |

We wish for anonymity to protect those who are weak when they are visible. Our goal is to cloak those who wish to stay behind the veil of mystery, help those who need information, and prosper in this hellscape of endless levels. No realm is free of its deals, and we are full of them.

| Members |

| Teams / Divisions |

We have only a few divisions within our ranks, but we make sure they are relentlessly trained until their performance is perfect. We want to make sure that your future trades are pleasant.

More divisions will be added in the future as our member count grows.

| Documented Articles |

We have explored many areas of the Backrooms and documented them accordingly, though we will only be showing the articles which we have traded for. Once a deal is made, a new entry will appear below.


| Enigmatic Level - The Serpent's Void - Collaborative Effort |
| Level 515 - Saturn V - Traded to the U.E.C. |
| Level 626 - The Father Eye - Repository Property |

Sub-Category: Outposts / Databases

| Eternal Repository Database 011-Θ - Repository Property |
| Eternal Repository Database 009-2 - Repository Property |


| Entity 227 - Model Fighter Squadron - Traded to the U.E.C. |
| Entity 404 - The Death of a Star - Traded to the M.E.G. |
| Entity 415 - Howler - Traded to the M.E.G. |


| Object 35 - Dark Reparation Vials - Public Property |

Tales / Records

| An Interesting Meeting - Record between the Master Administrator and PoI Spec - Repository Property |

| Featured Personnel |

Below are the Data Diggers who have discovered the most for our Repository. We thank them for their services.

| "May their loyalty burn eternal." |

Δ Sentinels Δ
♚ | NavyEOD_24NavyEOD_24 | "Alpha" | ♚

Ψ Cloak Crafters Ψ
| CutTheBirchCutTheBirch | "Gamma" |

Π Data Diggers Π
| SchulzenreichSchulzenreich | "Raven" |
| StretchsterzStretchsterz | "G.N.K." |
| s n o w ys n o w y | "Void" |

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