The End Of Time
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For a long time, people thought that time itself could never end in the universe, let alone in the Backrooms. This level proves all of those theories wrong.

Time can end, at least in the Backrooms. If a level remains untouched for too long, and ignored by all for 3000-20000 years, time will stop. The level will become barren, devoid of time and movement. This level is… "corrupted", I guess you put it that way. Feels like you can't even move anymore. But you are, correct? One step at a time. The world is falling under you, it feels like it. But that can't happen, time has stopped. You want to get out of this hellhole, don't you? Me too.

Despite the time becoming dull, this is where you will be. And I hope you enjoy your stay.


Something is wrong. Very wrong.

Time exists, if it was completely gone I—

I don't remember. No

I'm back

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