The End
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First photo taken of The End.


Only known photo of fake reality, with a vending machine oddly positioned in the very middle of a grass field

The End resembles a giant empty library, similar to a library it has small computer systems strewn across it.


The End is supposedly a 'trap room' to make people think they escaped The Backrooms. Many people know that the room is a trap and tell others to avoid it at all cost. Accounts say that they went in there not knowing it was a trap and regretting it afterwards. Getting trapped in here results in several different possible outcomes, it can trap you there, and if you're unable to escape, it can send you to a random Level, and sometimes Negative Levels. It can even summon an Entity in the room, and it can also send you to a fake reality where you're still haunted by the Backrooms.

Colonies and Outposts:

The Yellow Tent

This group resides in a yellow tent located in a basement on this level. Their goals are to carry M. E. G authority to The End, lead visitors to The Hub (unless they want to join) and study this level further.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you must find a wooden door in seemingly any Level (although this door usually disappears after entry). There are many other unconfirmed ways of entry to The End. To exit, this Level can send you to a random Level, (negative levels included). Starting the program tptunnels.exe on a computer (usually found on the desktop) will safely teleport you to The Hub.

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