The Enclave
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Class Mitis

  • Sanctified
  • Minimal Danger
  • Devoid of Creatures

The Enclave possesses a mixture of native (black) and transplanted (green) flora.

Background & Description

The Enclave is a commune of the Eyes of Argos, nestled within the Noctilucent Ground. Roughly equidistant from the sub-ground's periphery and center, ambient conditions here are calm and comfortable.1 The community is hidden inside of a serene, temperate valley that hums with life and progress. Extensive operations within Ground 48.1 have facilitated the steady growth of The Enclave, although its overall purpose and function has changed over time.

The Enclave was first envisioned as a means of accommodating watchers uncomfortable within the frequently-compact, structure-based installations of the Eyes, such as The Headquarters. Locations suitable for sanctification were identified within the Noctilucent Ground, mainly due to its secluded nature, however, selection of the final site proved arduous. Tropical areas near the circular, sunset-prominent periphery promised agricultural productivity, while candidates near the sub-ground's chilly center were closer to known surface metal deposits. Eventually, a location was selected within the liminal, temperate zone of the sub-layer.


The Enclave hosts many patrol-assigned watchers, but is also home to hundreds of noncombatants that do not belong to any specific patrol. Individually scouted for their unique abilities, these civilian Eyes support the primary mission of the Eyes of Argos, and are protected by patrol-assigned watchers in return. Civilians under Argos' watch are among the most talented farmers, craftsmen, machinists, doctors, and engineers in the Backrooms. The community is also a place of rest for elder Eyes that have retired from their watch, as well as those who have been wounded in the pursuit of justice.


Equipment en route to The Platform for distribution.

A rearguard installation, The Enclave is responsible for procuring and manufacturing supplies to support operations of the Eyes. Using resources gathered from Ground 48.1, the community's skilled artisans and complex workshops produce a variety of critical items, including medicines, armor, weapons, electronics, and vehicles. These are conveyed to Ground 261 whenever it deploys to Ground 48.1, as the bastion's unique capabilities make it an ideal point of distribution. The Enclave is also a joint-base; all patrols of the Eyes of Argos maintain personnel and facilities within the commune to support their respective goals.


The Enclave is divided into district-clusters based upon purpose. Residential areas boast homes, apartments, and dormitories, while industrial districts retain large workshops and foundries. The numerous lakes and rivers of Ground 48.1 grant the commune a reliable source of water and energy, and the electrical grid currently extends across one square mile.2 Illumination efforts have permitted the construction of Wi-Fi network nodes, resulting in a greater sense of unity among patrol-assigned watchers and civilian Eyes. Residential clusters feature green flora transplanted from Ground 11, allowing inhabitants to feel more at ease. Agricultural activities are present on the refuge's outskirts. Crops from Ground 48 have been successfully introduced, but must be supported through artificial lighting and irrigation systems, as ambient light and precipitation are insufficient within the Noctilucent Ground.


A watcher surveys the Noctilucent Ground.

A testament to its progress, The Enclave has been endowed greater stewardship over Ground 48.1. Its watchers are frequently dispatched to map unknown areas, study flora, and investigate reports of activity by outsiders. However, as a result of the commune's support-focused mission, it lacks the ability to project significant force-of-arms. Combat-potent Inquisitors and Hunters are retained for defensive purposes, but the overall safety of The Enclave depends on the continued secrecy of the Noctilucent Ground.

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