The Dark Metro
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Class 4

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The Dark Metro Is an enigmatic Level found in The Metro.


The Dark Metro was discovered by an anonymous user. According to them, they were exploring The Metro, when they came across a Victorian era house. Upon entering to investigate, they were whisked into a Victorian city, where strange entities roamed. There were seemingly two kinds of: There were pitch-black entities dressed as gentlemen of the time, who appeared to be peaceful. However, whenever the clock tower in this area struck 3, the "dark gentlemen" rushed into the shadows and disappear. Then tall, pale, creatures came out, brutally killing and feeding upon all who arrive. This area is also reported to be very foggy.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, it is rumored that finding an entrance and climbing to the top of the clock tower in this area will reveal an entrance to the Negative Levels. To Exit, in The Dark Metro, wait for a train to arrive. It can come from anywhere, without a track, and break through nearly any material. Hop on within 15 seconds (you'll be able to hear it, it is incredibly loud), and it will bring you to Level 0, without leaving any marks that it was ever there.

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