The Council
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The Council


Art done by the beautiful Trustyasheck.

The Council

Right away, this is a big clarification that not everything here is 100% The Council! Everything here is meant to be based off The Council, but ultimately, it serves as a base for the canon.

This canon all revolves around explaining the existence, story, and motives of The Council. It revolves around Level 777 as a whole, however, there is more to it then just that. The entirety of the story here isn't directly tied to them, they simply have to have a presence in this canon. The Council members live in a facade, a world where they can gamble to their heart's content, and live on their lives, only looking forward.

But no one can truly ignore the past.

Some key points to note about this canon:

  • The Council has the primary goal of gambling, and they all have a reason to.
  • Shady stuff isn't just there, it is expected to occur. They have to do things in the dark to protect themselves and their love.
  • Every Council Member was once a human, and the canon Council member in this canon is Proposal 2: A Simple Gamble Girl.12
  • Every Council Member was once from The Frontrooms, and have a connection to someone there.
  • The Council Timeline is split into "eras", a different president leads at different times.
  • To become a member of The Council, you must be approved by a majority of The Council. There can only be 7 Council members at a time.
  • Level 777 wasn't always the way it was. In the past, Level 777 was deserted, and it was not until The Council came in and intervened majorly.

That's more then enough to get you started, but as always, there is some recommended reading.

Recommended Reading

Level 777 - Though not in the canon, it is the setting of the canon itself and is highly advised you read it.

At the time of writing, no tales, stories, etc. have been done for the origins, however, it serves as a base for the canon, so it is entirely necessary

Council Origins:


Currently, the origin isn't complete, but there still is much to be known. The original president of the council was The Mangler, and worked with Saoirse Morgana to form the Level into what it is today. Throughout The Council, the election process was formed, and members were chosen. At the end of the election, The Mangler was determined not only to be weaker than Saoirse Morgana, but weaker then the whole Council. By a majority vote, The Mangler was kicked, and was replaced with Stretch Zimals.


The Mangler went on to do his own thing on Level 98, eventually forming the first entrance available to those who are not reality benders. From there, the origins end, and the first era begins.

The Council Stories

Presented in a roughly chronological order, though they may overlap in time. This is the recommended reading order for the wider narrative.

Origins (1980-1996, Year 1-16)
Gift 1: The Bible by Yellowislol
  1. Genesis
  2. A Second Book

Gift 2: The Founding by The Canonicon2024 Team
  1. koko.init
Saoirse Morgana (1996-??, Year 1-placeholder)
Split Timelines
Honorable Mentions

Level 777 - by Yellowislol
This is the base of the canon, but it goes against the canon itself in many ways. It is the base, but not in the canon,

Welcome to The Council canon! This is an in-depth guide on contributions and worldbuilding within this series. If you aren't a contributor or are wishing to contribute to this canon, than you can ignore this tabview in its entirety! However, some pieces (such as the glossary) may be helpful for terminology used throughout the series. Of course, you made read through this tabview anyways if you wish to learn more information about the canon and its world.

The biggest piece to remember about this canon is that it isn't just an extension to gambling and such. This canon is meant to embody the seven characters within it or the characters involved in the storyline. Point being, your work under this canon should A) involve a character which impacts others in the series, B) happen within Level 777, or C) involve the main council in some form. Of course, this is in no way required, and exceptions are allowed, but try to fit the theme.

Beyond that, there is more to remember in specifics, but that is always a good start.

Should you wish to contribute further than this, feel free to take a look at the other tabs!

Canon Crossing

It is 100% allowed to canon cross. However, no matter how much any particular canon is used, as of now, all canons are specifically not perfectly linear crossovers. Only works with the tag the-council are a part of this canon, as it is with all other canons.

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