The Completionists
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Who we are:



The short answer is "lunatics". If you don't already know, our… group? Community? Cult? Well, whatever it is, it's based on tgochi.exe. We're convinced that the "big secret about the Backrooms" it keeps talking about is the location of an exit from this place. We are people who are willing to throw themselves at tgochi.exe's challenges until either we succeed or we all die horrible deaths.


Our goals:

Our goal is for at least one of us to complete all the achievements so they'll be able to tell us where the exit is and we'll finally get out of this place. I'm gonna be honest, though: the odds of someone getting all the achievements and living to tell the tale are pretty slim, so, you know, the more, the merrier.




Where you can find us:

If you have tgochi.exe installed on any device you can find us in the chatrooms and communicate with us. We don't really have a physical meeting spot, our members are scattered throughout the Backrooms so we don't really meet irl except for some achievements that require two or more players. Anyway, the chatrooms aren't that reliable, so here's a trick to recognize fellow Completionists: if someone's doing extremely stupid shit for no apparent reason, they're probably one of us.




Listen, I won't lie: if you join us, you're 99,999% gonna die. Most of those achievements are borderline impossible to get and the ones that aren't would take decades to complete. But there is a 0,001%
chance that you will live and your sacrifices will free not only you, not only us, but everyone in this godforsaken place. It really doesn't matter if you wanna do this out of kindness or because you have nothing left to lose or maybe just to satisfy your completionist urges. We are the only ones crazy enough to do this. But we need numbers.


We need YOU

pretty please?[]

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