The Cold Reich
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Who are The Cold Reich?:

The Cold Reich are a Faction made by a group of Nazi solders that made their way into The Backrooms in the 1930's. They want to have complete control of The Backrooms, They have made experiments with multiple Entities and Wanderers, by Mutating them, harvesting them, and a lot more strange studies. They are at war with The M.E.G. for territory of Levels, for their experiments, and they constantly attack the B.N.T.G. for their supplies and equipment. The Reich's main base is unknown, but has been called Projekt "Übernehmen" (Project Takeover), by members of their Faction.

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Here is the List of events that have happened in The Cold Reich that are not in order:

  • Discovery Log

List of Teams:

Reich Leaders:

  • "The New Axis"

Reich Squads:

  • The 1st Squadron "Metallwölfe"
  • The 2nd Squadron "Gewalttätige Streikende"
  • The 3rd Squadron "Maskierter Überfall"
  • The 4th Squadron "Stille Schatten"

Reich Outposts:

  • Projekt "Übernehmen" (Main Base on an Unknown Level)
  • Projekt "Jägerfest" (Entrances to The The Hive)
  • Projekt "Schallwelle" (Unknown Level)
  • Projekt "Irrationale Angst" (Level 6)
  • Projekt "Elektrosphäre" (Close to an entrance on Level 3)
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