The Climb
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Out from the forest come the climbers

Flags raised high, white stripes for the fighters

Banners in the sky, red eyes on the spire

The writers and the teachers, the thinkers and the liars

Out from the ocean come the doers

Every path you choose can always use improvement

Lose your shoes and boots, it’s time to start a movement

But no matter where we move, we will always end up human

Out from the soil come the leaders

Underneath their feet are the leeches and the feeders

Cover legs in pretty words to stop the knees from bleeding

Candy coat the fear that we all climb without a reason

All of us hold hands

Just enough to reach the summit

And there we see our lies

And therein we will plummet

For no matter who we are

However long our time

At the top of every mountain

Is just another climb

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