The Church Of The Veiled
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What is The Church of the Veiled?


A group of Scouts in an unknown level. (Circa. 1942)

The Church of the Veiled is a group comprised of a vast array of Wanderers and different members from outside groups. The Church is responsible for the creation of entities, or what the Church calls them, Peacekeepers, as well as objects in the Backrooms. It is unknown why or how these entities and objects are created as previously interrogated members had responded in riddles that had no true answer.

They tend to leave subtle clues for "special" wanderers to find. These clues will lead them to one of their churches.

Members of the Church dress in all-black apparel, with any type of full mask which has not been seen to be removed by any member. Some members wear alternative colors, indicating a high ranking in their specialization.

The Church is led by three Priests, named Alpha, Zeta, and Delta. They are responsible for overseeing all specializations, infractions, creations, etc.

Newly recruited members later attend an evaluation course which consists of an interview and a short quiz consisting of different phases that correlated to their three specializations. After this is completed, they will later be assigned a specialization according to their skillset.

These specializations are:

- Scouts: Scouts are responsible for traversing different levels for materials for the Sculptors.
- Sculptors: Sculptors are responsible for the creation of Peacekeepers and Objects.
- Regulations: Regulations are responsible for regulating The Church, creating laws, etc.

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