The Church

The Church

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Deep within the territory of Level 11, Alasdair Morgan stands alone inside of an abandoned church.

Though he is not aware of this history, it was once known as home to a group called The Followers of Jerry. They had made a great pilgrimage from Level 3— one that took the lives of several priests and prophets— only to end up at this derelict church, nestled deep within a then-abandoned city. Though the church momentarily brought them peace, The Followers were eventually disgraced and cast out of the world by the wider Backrooms community, left to rot within the entombing pages of history.

He knows not of their existence, for they were disbanded long ago.

But he does feel a presence amongst this ransacked place. A sound which carries itself through the rafters, a silence speaking louder than most. This place was once known, he thinks to himself, And now it is not. The lingering kenopsia grows in his mind, unsettling him slightly.

As it does so, he hears the empty pews beckon his name. Almost involuntarily, Morgan takes a seat, his rusting armor creaking in pain as he does so. It has been a long journey, and his body reflects such truths:

The Eyes of Argos symbol on his chest plate has been sanded off. His helmet is adorned with war-paint. His blade is stained red from far too many battles.

But it is not done yet, He ponders, For there is still an enemy I still have yet to face.

In a matter of seconds, the looming importance of his mission overtakes the mysterious strength of the church. He is then reminded of The Ghost Killer— a demon which he will soon confront in the flesh— and their subsequent, inevitable conflict. He knows that The Killer will not submit to his demands. He knows that one of them will have to die.

He sighs, and stands up once again. The brief respite has ended, and the war has resumed. There is work to be done, and The Ghost Killer will only reside in Level 11 for so long.

And, though Alasdair would almost prefer it to be true, he is not hiding within this church.

This quiet, peaceful church.

A refractive place, born from dreams and tragedy.

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