The Chamber
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A peculiar phenomena has been frequently reported within Level 11 for as long as it has been inhabited by humans, one that causes great distress to all those who know of its existence. The phenomena being spoken about here is what is colloquially referred to as 'The Chamber', with a capital T and C. Square in shape, two metres wide on each side and two and a half metres tall. A wooden table and a chair can be found on one end, and an analogue clock is positioned on the wall above the door one uses to enter The Chamber. It is also fairly well lit by a set of fluorescent lights on the ceiling, which have oddly been reported to be completely taciturn by those who have encountered The Chamber.

Entrance to it is simple, albeit random. Whenever an unaccompanied wanderer opens a door inside of a building in Level 11, there is a small chance that it does not take them to the room they were originally trying to access, rather, it takes them to The Chamber. One cannot escape it if they open the door that leads to it — The Chamber will always find a way to trap them in it. It is best that wanderers simply accept the ordeal should the experience befall them.

Upon entrance to it, the door will close itself with a muffled click, signifying that The Chamber is now sealed, and it will harden to the point where it is available to resist all types of force. Silence will become so thick that it can be cut with a knife, and the only sounds which one will be able to hear are the blinking of their eyes and the beating of their heart. Alongside one's footsteps on the tiled floor, nothing much else can be heard for an exact hour, which seems to slog by at an unbelievably sluggish rate.

Notice, however, that it was stated that this silence is not perpetual, rather, it lasts exactly one hour. This is because one hour after The Chamber locks, an unnerving, raspy breathing can be heard coming from behind the unlucky wanderer trapped within the confines of The Chamber, no matter where they are. The source of the noise remains unknown, but wanderers who have survived The Chamber describe it as the most unnerving sound that they have ever heard.

It's another hour after the breathing begins before the breathing stops, and the door clicks once more, as if to state loudly and proudly that it is now unlocked. At this point, wanderers hurriedly exit The Chamber, back into the corridor which they had originally entered it from. The door then shuts tight, and begins to function just like it normally would have. The experience can be gladly considered concluded after this happens.

All wanderers who have entered The Chamber have not described looking back at the source of the voice. The meaning of this is very clearly inferable — it is best that one does not take a peek at the voice like all the others have.

Curiosity kills the cat, after all.

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