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ₜₕₑ Bₗₐcₖfᵢᵣₑ Cₕᵣₒₙᵢcₗₑₛ

Created by Kosef SturreKosef Sturre

Canon and formatting help by StretchsterzStretchsterz


The belief in destiny is polarizing to some. Many believe there is no such thing, and that we have uncontainable free will. They claim that no being, living or dead, can predict your course of actions. They believe that nothing can peer into the future, that nobody can confine you to a set path of circumstances. They don't believe in such a concept as destiny.
But in this world, destiny is very real, and those who deny it do so out of fear…

Because destiny has a horrible plan for us all…

This canon is built around the idea of a Backrooms quickly tumbling into ruin. The pockets of civilization in the already bleak chaos that is this place are losing control, slowly but surely, as those who lead these scattered groups and imposing factions scramble to keep things in order, to prevent their assured fall from grace. The people of the Backrooms know the future looks bleak, they know they're destined for an even worse hell than the one they've come to know.

And they know because those who've said as much have been proven correct in the past.

Doomsayers and self-proclaimed prophets roam the Backrooms, correctly predicting an array of terrible events. Freak accidents, deadly conflicts, traumatic incidents, bloody massacres, and all sorts of miserable affairs plague the millions of lost wanderers and confused operatives, already plagued by the simple chore of survival in a place like this. And it's not just the humans in danger, as these oracles have predicted similarly chaotic and gruesome events concerning the entities of this nightmarish place, both as the cause of misery, and as those who receive it.

It almost seems like a veritable apocalypse, doesn't it? The slow collapse of any shreds of hope and society, as each thread holding everything in place is cut, one by one…

And all we can do is hope that we make it out alive…

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Volume 1:

Last Call at Tom's Diner - Part 1
L.C.a.T.D. - Part 2

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