The Bath Room
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The Bath Room.

The Bath Room is a room consisting only of a toilet and a light bulb. A door leading to this room will manifest itself at a distance of 2 to 5 meters from anyone who feels a severe urge to relieve themselves. Any attempt by such a wanderer to reach the room will be futile, as the door will always close just before the room can be reached. The door and the walls containing the room have proven to be indestructible.

It is said that after the door closes, sounds can be heard coming from inside the room. Most reports are limited to simple chuckles, but others include the usage of basic sentences such as "just a minute!" or "almost done!". Despite what the voice claims, there is no record of the door opening again once it has been closed.

Other phenomena are known to occur in the vicinity of The Bath Room. It is known that urinating or defecating within the radius of effect of the room (estimated to be 500 meters long) is physically impossible, despite the intense urge one may have to do so. Another well-known phenomenon is the so-called "Bath Room's Shame", which affects all those who fall for the room's trickery. This causes a piece of indestructible toilet paper to adhere to the victim's foot for a week. If removed, it will simply reappear on the wanderer's foot after a short period of time. Some communities consider the Bath Room's Shame as a rite of passage, viewing the sufferer as someone who will never fall for the nefarious deceptions of the Backrooms again.

The Bath Room has been sighted in almost all levels of the Backrooms, appearing even in outdoor spaces. In case there is no wall to appear on, the room will manifest on the closest replacement nearby, such as large stones or cliffs. If no object of these characteristics is in the proximity, the door will stand upright without the need to be attached to anything.

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