The Atrium
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The Atrium hosts numerous substructures within its central greenspace.


The Atrium is a verdant retreat, immersed in light and sheltered from the void underneath a glistening ceiling of steel and glass. The sub-layer is stable and encompasses approximately 300,0001 square feet across a multitude of different floors. Only recently discovered by independent wanderers, The Atrium presents a valued haven within the aquatic desolation of Level 43.

The dome of The Atrium is semi-octagonal in shape. Flora2 is abundant, centered around gardens and artificial Almond Water streams. Various substructures, including partially furnished gift shops, restaurants, and bars are concentrated in clusters on the ground level, and are connected by brick pathways. Many of the storerooms within these substructures restock daily, presenting a dependable method of sourcing food and provisions. The sub-layer is an excellent location for wanderers to rest and recuperate as entities are notably absent. Almond Water fountains are spaced at regular intervals, as are vending machines, which restock weekly and dispense snacks without requiring payment. Unlike other areas of Level 43, The Atrium also possess reliable electricity as well as a decent — though not excellent — Wi-Fi signal.


Guest suites possess balconies overlooking The Atrium.

Hundreds of resort-style guest suites line the inner perimeter of The Atrium and are accessible by elevator and stairs. Guest suites are modestly furnished and are always unlocked when unclaimed. Wanderers may enter a suite without claiming it, although this presents an increased risk of potential theft and is therefore discouraged. Wanderers wishing to claim a suite must possess an aquatic-related object on their person. The specific nature of what constitutes an "aquatic" item is not entirely understood, but is theorized to extend to any item typically encountered or utilized in aquatic or marine settings other than water itself, such as shells, swimwear, and even bath toys. This item is instantly replaced with a suite key upon entry and enables a wanderer to secure the space as their own. Objects that fall within this category, such as goggles, sunscreen tubes, or fishing gear may be encountered randomly within the Backrooms, as well as within trash heaps throughout Level 43. It is not possible for a wanderer to claim more than one guest suite at a time.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Atrium supports human habitation, but lacks significant outposts, owing largely to its still-recent discovery. Several groups have indicated interest in the area, with the M.E.G. and the B.N.T.G. being some of the more prominent examples. A few dozen wanderers of varying — though mostly independent — allegiances are currently believed to reside within the sub-layer.

Entrances And Exits:


A tunnel leading back into the Main Building of Level 43.

The Atrium is accessible from within the Main Building of Level 43. Within this area, signs and maps are posted at occasional intervals, providing navigation to numerous locations across the level (albeit with varying degrees of reliability). Maps and signage directing wanderers towards an "Atrium" nearly always lead to extended tunnels and hallways that intersect with the perimeter of The Atrium itself. These tunnels and hallways also function as exits when traveling away from the sub-layer, and lead back into the Main Building of Level 43.

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