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Welcome, esteemed guest.


Welcome, welcome. Please, don't be so afraid.

I assume you may be a bit confused as to where you find yourself. However, you have nothing to fear. The place you see before you is what you will know soon enough as your new home, with me and my dear staff members as your new family.

We are not many here, mind you. Our small group of dedicated workers maintain the hotel in the way which you see it before you at the present moment, and despite this place being infinite, we still try our best to make the experience of our customers one that is… pleasant. Yes, pleasant.

On the topic of our customers… Between you and me, you better have something going for you. We take our duties and obligations most seriously here at this hotel. This includes making sure our visitors' final resting place lies right here where they stand. But… let's not get too ahead of ourselves here,

You're one of us now, and hopefully things will remain that way for a long, long, time.

The Terror Hotel. Most commonly known by many as 'Level 5' by all those who know of it, the hotel is one of the several different realities present in the harsh environment of The Backrooms. Just like everything else inside this realm, it is an amalgamation of memories left unthought of, locked experiences one could only dream of, a collection of the collective left unchecked and untampered with by any of those capable of creating it.

Yet, there are forces that thrive in this realm. Forces and currents beyond our comprehension weave life into areas where it is expected of them to exist in the least. In the realm of the hotel, the twists and knots of naughts and impossibilities are brought to life in ways which escape our judgements, bringing forth realities which we are unaware of due to their elusive nature. I assume that you, dear reader, are aware of what I am speaking of.

Monsters. Creatures which escape the simplicity of our lives, delinquents to normalcy, outcasts of the known and keepers of the unknown. The hotel is their domain, the place inside of which their control is rooted most deeply, and where the extremities of their prowess are brought out onto that which they wish it to affect. One could say that it is their home turf, the nesting ground in which they operate.

And just like any home turf, the team that owns it manipulates the game into whatever it wishes it to be. These creatures are monsters, after all.

Wanderers flock to the belly of the beast in search of their own goals and accomplishments, only to be disappointed when they find that when they poke the sleeping dog, it awakes to bite them. Those experienced enough in the games The Backrooms play know not to approach the Terror Hotel, for they value their lives most dearly.

Yet, the intrigue of the mysteries the hotel holds still attract visitors to it. Unknowing victims to a fate worse than death pour in on the daily to be swallowed up by forces beyond measure, and they show no sign of stopping.

The creatures exist for one sole reason: Making the hotel a hospitable place for wanderers to spend their last hours in.

Because in the end, if you're going to pass away, you might as well do it comfortably.

Meet the Staff


Entity 18 - "The Beast of Level 5"

(Re)written by ratscrapzratscrapz

Come in, come in! I implore you.

Entity 28 - "The Spokeslady"

(Re)written by Nikuchan Nikuchan

So much to do, so little time! It will be a packed day!

Entity 111 - "The Housekeeper"

Written by ratscrapzratscrapz

She gets the work done.

Entity 135 - "The Bellhopper"

Written by ratscrapzratscrapz

made with love.

Entity 185 - "The Comedian"

Written by ratscrapzratscrapz

Not the favourite out of the bunch.

Entity 186 - "The Singer"

Written by makaraigmakaraig

Another shitty situation I've gotten myself into…

Entity 197 - "Jazzheads"

Written by SariastuffSariastuff

Oh yeah, I had to suck yer soul whilst you were listenin' to us play.

Entity 131 - "The Concierge"

Written by captaiincaptaiin

It's far too early in the morning for it to find any sort of joy in this line of work.

Entity 800 - "Chef"

Written by SariastuffSariastuff

'Please bring me more, I must leave soon but not without a third plating!' they urge.

Reservations List

(Persons of Interest)

none at the moment.



Level 5 - "The Terror Hotel"

(Re)written by StretchsterzStretchsterz

Level 5 is the 6th Level of The Backrooms. This Level seems to be an infinite hotel.

Level 5.1 - "The Terror Hotel Casino"

Written by Natedagreat563Natedagreat563

Take a seat, grab a menu, and relax. Tell me what I can get for you…

Level 5.3 - "Promethei Bibliotheca"

Written by Praetor3005Praetor3005

Oddly enough, the Library Mind seems to show animosity towards the Terror Hotel staff. While the reason is not fully known, it is heavily implied by some documents found there that said staff was the cause of the isolation of the sublevel.

Hotel Reviews


it'll all work out

Written by YellowISlolYellowISlol

in the end, we don't need to worry. right now, it doesn't make sense, and perhaps it won't truly end in a way which is satisfactory. no matter what, no matter what hardships are taken, it'll all work out in the end.

Another Day at the Job

Written by Praetor3005Praetor3005

To my horror, I gasped, realizing who this person was sitting with the owl-headed bell boy. It was the Beast, in all his terrifying splendor. The clash between the wealthy and gentle look of his suit clashed with his ominous, monstrous octopus head, a detail that was disheartening in a photo, but truly horrifying in real life.

A Wild Investigation

Written by GreencellGreencell

Long gone were the times I would be fooled by the seemingly good people. If humans always had something to hide, I can't even imagine what a troupe of entities from a murderous organization could have on their conscience.

A Mantis and a Goat walk into a Bar

Written by Nikuchan Nikuchan

She was, of course, covered in blood. If I had a nickel for every time I saw one of the suspects covered in blood, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's concerning that it happened twice. The staff of the hotel was far more disgusting than I remembered, and the gruesome sight didn't help me remain all that distracted from my worrisome thoughts. It didn't phase me as much as it did when I saw Chef covered in blood, which greatly preoccupied me, but I didn't have the time or energy to focus on that. I was going to turn into minced meat if I didn't hurry up, just like the unfortunate victims that the staff killed before me, so I decided to make it quick.

The Final Answer

Written by VivamusLudioVivamusLudio

I tried my best to collect myself, gathered all my notes, and stood up quickly. Yes, it all made sense at last. I may have stumbled my way through the investigation so far, but now I finally felt like I was in control.

Janitor's closet


Object 18 - "The Phonograph"

(Re)written by ratscrapzratscrapz

I still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong here— as if my inevitable doom is upon me. So I am here right now, writing my thoughts down.

Object 666 - "The Dice of Destiny"

Written by Null0Null0 & ZCOM12 does not match any existing user name

This dice is different from regular dice: it looks like a cubic dice with no numbers on it, but in fact, it does have infinite numbers that are invisible until you roll the dice, which means it can lead to infinite possibilities!

Enjoy your stay.

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