Tag Guide

What are Tags?

On this wiki, tags are used to organize articles, and help people find articles with themes that they like or explore deeper into the lore of one topic. For example, if you wanted to look more into the backstory of Overseer Stretch, you could look under the "overseer-stretch" tag, or if you wanted to read articles involving poetry, you could look under the "poetry" tag. The various different tags and the rules involving them are explained in-depth below.

The Basics

The Two Most Important Rules For Tagging Pages:

  • Do not tag a page unless you're certain you understand how the tags work.
  • Do not create a new tag without asking a staff member.

Creating a Tag:

All tags must go through an approval process with the staff team. If you would like to propose a new tag, simply contact a staff member or post in the #suggestions channel of the discord server, and staff will take care of it. Please note that, depending on the type of tag, there may be a minimum number of pages or contributing authors before it can go through. When proposing a tag, it's usually a good idea to link any applicable pages so that the staff team can have a good idea of how useful the tag would be as well as if it meets the requirements.


Depending on the type of tag, there may be a minimum number of pages and contributing authors before the tag can be created. The requirements of each type are listed below. What the different "types" mean is listed later on. One thing that should also be noted is that even if a tag fills the requirements, if may not be created if it overlaps to much with an existing tag.

No Requirements:

  • Page Type
  • Sub-Type
  • Genre
  • Style
  • Other

7 pages by 3 authors:

  • Group
  • Character
  • Setting
  • SD Class
  • Canon

Has an Official Branch:

  • International

Not Nominated:

  • Technical
  • Utility
  • Contest

List of Tags

These tags signify the general type, or format, of the page. Any page that can be created by a normal user will fit into one of these categories.

Main Page Types:

Other Page Types:

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