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Yearly Features List

Staff has decided to try out a new thing called yearly features this year! Attached is a list which compiles the best articles from throughout 2022, voted on by the greenlighting team.

New Phenomena category!

We’re introducing a new category: phenomena! Check out the phenomena list here for a brief explanation of what they are!

Featured Articles:

"In the most inner circle of The Monastery, protected by walls, wards, and wardens alike, is The Profane Burial Site, custody of the unclaimed souls."

A reflective place, born from dreams and tragedy.

A concrete jungle of endless mists and verdant greens, standing ever so silent and forgotten; a graveyard to some, an eternal home to others

Effective immediately, Asset 11.1 is no longer considered to be a part of the B.N.T.G.’s Level Unification Program.

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Most Recent Pages

Level 223, + 8 (+9, -1), KeenestGreen
Level 214 - The Garden of Confession, + 9 (+9, -0), RoseMonsignor
Level 209, + 16 (+16, -0), Mango Gelatin
Level 712 - "The Weald of Parrots", + 18 (+19, -1), iccaarus
Pantheon Hub, + 24 (+35, -11), Mctoran
Founder Of Dreams, + 14 (+15, -1), Amberlon
Level 237 - "The Company Town", + 11 (+14, -3), FeyBoy


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