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You regain consciousness in an office building…

If you're not careful and no-clip out if reality in wrong areas, you'll end up in the backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, and endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you…

You've found this Wiki, which means you might be able to live. But still, most people here only manage to capture nothing more than a blurry image or upload a frantic story before their accounts go dark, forever. That's where we come in.

We are the survivors. We are the M.E.G.

We work tirelessly to piece together the mysteries of the Backrooms, keeping a log of them all in the Backrooms Database - in here. Through this log, all of those stranded inside the Backrooms may have some chance of survival, and we may one day achieve our ultimate goal - to find a way out.

Until then, we must find out everything we can.

Featured Articles:

Level 9 (Rewrite) - StretchsterzStretchsterz

  • Level 9 is an infinite suburban area in midnight. This Level has the same darkness similar to that of Level 6, but not as dangerous…

Level 43 (Rewrite) - StretchsterzStretchsterz

  • Level 43 is made out of four (4) main areas inside the park. These areas are hard to find but these areas seem to build up to the final area…

Entity 90 - "The Steel" - Dr BierreDr Bierre

  • The Steel are sometimes referred to as aliens within the backrooms due to certain theories about their nature, however nothing specific about the steel can be ascertained due to their private nature…

The Splinter - Collab

  • The Splinter are a highly dangerous minor faction. Composed of six rogue M.E.G scientists, the current whereabouts of these scientists are unknown…

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