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You were living a normal life. Normal friends, normal family, normal … ground. One day, on the way home, you suddenly noclip through the once-solid ground beneath and fall several stories down. Once you come to, you're in a monotone hallway with yellow floors and walls. Is it … your grandmother's house? Exploring more, the hallways just go on and on. You think that you're the only one there, until the monsters arrive.

The Backrooms are a Labyrinth of random, indeterminable rooms, halls, and nearly anything that you can imagine. The starter levels share three distinct characteristics: yellow light-emitting fluorescent lights, yellow (sometimes stained) walls, and yellow carpets with varying quality and age. So far there are approximately 3 generally recognized starter levels (excluding the negative levels). Each level has its own unique set of familiar landmarks. It is unknown why these things are located in the backrooms, but they are there nonetheless. Bar the aforementioned characteristics, each level contains a variety of different objects. Examples of these include random Items ranging from furniture, to broken typewriters, to weapons, etc. Some of the items located within the backrooms can be very helpful, and can sometimes be the difference between life and death. The rooms also contain various different creatures, which can either attack you or not pay any attention to you - their behavior is seemingly as random as the backrooms itself. The theory of "monsters" existing is backed up by the fact that nobody has ever made it out. Unfortunately, most people who encounter these monsters only get to post the occasional eerie image or story before their accounts go dark.

And that's where we come in. We work tirelessly to piece together the mysteries of the Backrooms, keeping a log of them all in the Backrooms Database - in here. Through this log, all of those stranded inside the place may have some chance of survival, and we may one day achieve our ultimate goal - to find a way out. Until then, we must find out everything we can.

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Kosef was struggling to remember the last time he had gotten a full eight hours of sleep. He thought he had finally pinpointed it to about seven or eight months ago, but felt like it had been even longer than that.

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Entity 0 is the current designation to what we know as "the Backrooms". From what we understand, the Backrooms are a series of 'Levels', with each one having varying levels of quantum stability…

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Level 87 is the 88th level of the Backrooms. It resembles a large, spacious library.

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Entity 111, more commonly known as “Capgras”, Is a single entity known to plague levels with particularly colder climates. The entity is highly violent, though if spotted, can be reasoned with depending on the situation.

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