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Oh, don't worry, you didn't startle me too much. I'm just super flattered that you decided to take the time to pay my author page a little visit…so yeah, thanks!

Anyhoo, I'm Spoofyboofy! But you can also call me Spoofy, Boofy, or Spiffy. I'm a 23-year-old Canadian who loves hiking, tea, doodling, board games, card games, and chemistry! I also go by she/her as well.


I initially joined this site in April 2021 to write stuff in hopes that other people may enjoy it. However, I quickly became much more involved once I joined the Backrooms Discord Server where I spend my time critiquing, green-lighting, discussing ideas, and hosting Jackbox games! I'd highly recommend joining in on the fun if you're up for it!

Of course, despite all that I still have time to write! Check out some of my works (and ideas for future works):

Level 168 - "No Peeking!"

(+43) (Comments: 11)

Entity 113 - "The Herberts"

(+29) (Comments: 6)

Tale - "Tucker's Lullaby"

(+16) (Comments: 3)

Tale - "Enoch Roddingham's Proposal"

(+17) (Comments: 7)

Joke Level - "Mild Hell"

(+113) (Comments: 37)

Level 900 - "Resting Grounds"

(+44) (Comments: 17)

(WIP) Level 490 - "Perpetual Pachinko"

(WIP) Entity 122 - "Tucker"

(WIP) Joke Tale - "da bakroomz"

(WIP) Object 27 - "Viewmasters"

…and more!

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Not satisfied yet, huh? Well don't you worry, I just so happen to have a list of some of my favourite authors for you to check out:

SnomWritingSnomWriting - best known for creating "Blanche", a fan favourite entity (and…Level?) However, you can't forget the alluring Level 797 and my personal favourite: Level 714 - The Funkiest Level in the Backrooms! Snom tends to write in a wholesome and mysterious manner which makes for quite an enjoyable read.

DrBobtailDrBobtail - also known as "Deer", the creator of "Berry" and his many "Visionaries"! My favourite Level of is undoubtedly the "viberooms". What can I say? I enjoy good vibes and that Level is no exception! Deer has a knack for writing entities as well as writing with various styles.

CutTheBirchCutTheBirch - the creator of my current all-time favourite entity, the "Athenian Ducks". This entry has the perfect amount of humour and horror for me, it's great and you should go read it! Birch has a very technical and detail-oriented writing style. They are also incredibly tech-savvy and helpful!

YellowISlolYellowISlol - boy am I a sucker for Joke entries! Yellow is responsible for two of my favourites: "Joke Level XXX" and "Joke Entity XX"…they never fail to give me a good chuckle! However, much of Yellow's work tends to be quite lore-heavy and lengthy which is perfect for those of you itching for a good story.

TrailmixNCoco does not match any existing user name - probably one of the more underrated authors on this site. Trailmix rewrote one of my favourite objects, the ""Wall Masks"…I mean, of course, I would like that entry, I have a handsome-looking plague doctor mask on after all! Trailmix's writing usually involves lots of variety and interconnectedness to their other works.

You're still here? Well, I'm glad you chose to stay this long! It really means a lot to me…so much so that I may as well share some trade secrets of mine! Eh, if you call writing tips and tricks a trade secret, that is.


You're STILL here?

Ah, okay, okay, for sticking around this long you deserve to see something


See ya later!

Finally, a COLOSSAL thank you to CutTheBirchCutTheBirch for helping my smooth brain figure out a few page theme related issues I had while making this…particularly the banner logo that I wanted moved to the left! Techno wizard, right there.

Welp. That's all I have for now. Thank you so much for swinging by, I truly appreciate it! Till next time!


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