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Hello! Good Morning, evening, or afternoon! Welcome to your own personal hell of cringe my author page!

I can only assume that you're here for a list of the finest articles and collabs penned by the great Spectre48Spectre48. So for that, I say thank you for your support. Because I really liked my bestie BlueSignetBlueSignet's utilization of tabs to organize the clusterfuck I'm going to dump into your feeble human brain, I'm going to shamelessly yoink it, since I'm not good at making this a meme page with css wizardry like the great Aether48Aether48. I think that's about it for an introduction, let's get started.

I've been an author on this site since early 2021, and a part of the Backrooms community since the original 4chan post. Considering the quality and type of work I make for this website, you'd be inclined to believe otherwise, I know.

For general interesting facts about myself, I play 3 instruments, being the Piano, Guitar, and Trumpet. I'm a huge music fan and nerd about anything from the era of 1930-2005, especially the years 1965-1985. Avid enjoyer of anything nerd culture, hence my presence on this site like an autistic cancer. I'm just as into SCP as I am the Backrooms, maybe slightly less.

Currently, I'm pursuing a career in political science, yet I'm unsure as to what path I'm going to take with a degree as flexible as that. If it isn't obvious, I like running my mouth, so when I found out that people would pay me to do that, I was like— "Sign me up."

If you wanna chat about some nerd bullshit hit me up in the comments or in our discord B)

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