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Profile : Spec STATUS: ACTIVE

[NAME]: Spec

Last Known Location(s): Level 11, Level 6.1
Known Affiliations: None

"Spec" is an individual whom the M.E.G. has encountered numerous times across many Levels of The Backrooms. He has most frequently been found during events in which mass tears in reality transpire. While he has been encountered in many other Levels during times of relative normalcy, his almost perfect attendance for these distortions and tears is most significant.

The M.E.G. first encountered Spec during severe anomalous activity in Level 6.1 on 8/18/20.


"Spec" appears to be a human male in his late teens, with a slim build, short stature, (around 5'6'') and dyed silver hair. Spec is most commonly seen wearing a gray sweatshirt with the zipper open, revealing a red t-shirt, along with a black backpack and sweatpants. Notably, he wears a single red glove on his right hand.

The best way to consistently identify him is the mechanical hand and forearm in place of his right arm. The technology used appears to be a well-made construct of a mixture of materials. While the origin of the device is unknown, it is assumed that he created it himself after having his arm severed at the elbow, most likely from previous injury.


Spec is notable throughout certain circles in The Backrooms for their knowledge and obsession surrounding the physics of The Backrooms. Whilst for the most part, he does not congregate within an organized society or group, Spec always seems to show up near areas undergoing dimensional, physical, or temporal shifts.

Spec is generally active in wanderer communities, and interacts with inhabitants of the levels he visits whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. Wanderers who have interacted with Spec generally describe him as being a pleasant, well-spoken individual, albeit with an odd sense of humor and a general aloofness to the feelings of others.


The following interview is an audio transcription from agent Charles Hahn's field camera. It was taken upon finding Spec crouched in a corner near a large crack revealing the inside of the Blue Channel.


The following interview is a transcription of the interview which Spec agreed to come for.

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