Sons Of Guilt
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Welcome, Brother. It seems you have made your way to the Sons of Guilt, where those who believe themselves beyond redemption find the ultimate solace within our ranks. Since our formation under the greatest Highmarshal Arcadia, we have provided even the most fiendish of individuals a chance to be reborn as greater contributors to the Ultimate Purpose. This is chance to begin anew, to wash away the doubts and dastardly deeds, and become something greater. We believe in true justice; the blindness of faith does not shackle us, instead we are strengthened by our values of redemption and justice.

Initiation into our ranks is a privilege seldom bestowed. A minimum of four Sons must
be present to enact this process, or else the initiate cannot be considered truly purified. A ceremony is carried out on Ground 11, whereupon the initiate is required to wash away their past and accept their new life. We believe that the sins cannot be purged without due service within our ranks, but all past connections must be severed. Connections are nostalgia. Nostalgia is distraction. Distraction is sin.

The initiate is handed a golden bowl containing Almond Water, the most pious of liquids. True acceptance exists within the humility to handle with care an item which, in a sinner's eyes, would seem a commodity of entitlement. You must then submerge yourself within this water, clean your hands within it, before consuming it. Do not spill this water, for this is a sign of doubt.

Once the initiate has passed this first step, they will be required to swear allegiance to the Ultimate Purpose.

The initiate must chant the phrases of allegiance in order for successful induction into the Sons of Guilt. The phrases are as follows:

I, initiate to the Sons of Guilt, confess my sins against the Eyes of Argos.
My sins have led me wayward of the true path, and I require correction.
I swear allegiance to the Ultimate Purpose, in this life and the next.
I carry the solemn belief that redemption is not a goal too far gone,
Not only from me, but all I discover who live their lives in blasphemous hues.
In the name of Highmarshal Arcadia, I accept the guilt that I hold.

Once the individual has sworn their allegiance, one final trial must be completed. They must now resist the temptation of their previous life and the sins involved.

Under the influence of brewed chemicals, the individual will be placed in a dream state, in a world resembling the life they once cherished most. The longer they remain in this world, the greater desire they are likely to have to remain. Should they be unable to resist the sins of their life, their induction will be denied.

However, if the individual is able to accept and live with their guilt, and resist the temptation of sin, then the ceremony is complete. The initiate will be handed their new uniform, a dark blue gown. From then on, the initiate is officially a Son of Guilt.

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