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Oh, hey! Welcome to my-


Whoops, sorry!

Anyway, I'm SnomWritingSnomWriting ! You can call me Snom, though (or Tom, if you prefer). I've been around for a relatively short time (joined on March 17, 2021). I discovered this whole project, looked at a character I had written in need of a place to be…

That was me, correct?

Yup. Meet Blanche, a character that has been with me for a long time, now with a place to be. Level 906 was my first page, and one I'm pretty proud of. After that, there was Entity 140 - Blanche, and from there…. well, I got myself entangled in a ton of collabs, and even started a whole new canon, Omenscript Verses. Really big projects.

Turns out, if you make a character that people like, people will want to use her in their stuff!

Not that I mind, dear. I do enjoy this newfound popularity.

Guess this is where I talk a little more about me? I'm an 18 year old boy from Portugal, I'm bisexual, I'm a massive nerd, I like Magic The Gathering, fighting games (Guilty Gear Strive is my current game of choice, though i've played many others), aggressive music (Darksynth is my favourite genre, with metal as a close second), writing, retro-fps games, board games, tea, crabs, Cyberpunk… etc.

If you want to reach out to me, find me on the Backrooms Discord, Wikidot PM's, or on my tumblr, @just-a-regular-geek! I'm open to others using my characters and levels, just talk to me about it first. :3


Go. Do it. Now.

(Art by KeenestGreenKeenestGreen!)

My Works


Level 906 - The Cygnus Archive

(30 Mar 2021 10:11) (+64) (Comments: 12) (Last Comment: 06 Nov 2021 18:43)

Level 797 - The Path Less Traveled
(A collab with i like computeri like computer )

(20 Apr 2021 18:58) (+36) (Comments: 3) (Last Comment: 04 Jan 2022 17:34)

Level 714 - Future Funk Radio!

(27 Apr 2021 12:55) (+26) (Comments: 2) (Last Comment: 27 Apr 2021 18:36)

Level 817 - The Scrapyard

(04 May 2021 16:44) (+27) (Comments: 0) (Last Comment: )


Entity 140 - Blanche

(02 Apr 2021 17:01) (+60) (Comments: 15) (Last Comment: 25 Jan 2022 00:49)

Entity 95 - Reality Bugs

(08 Apr 2021 15:14) (+22) (Comments: 0) (Last Comment: )


Tom Von Haderach

(28 Aug 2021 19:00) (+19) (Comments: 10) (Last Comment: 30 Aug 2021 02:54)


Omenscript Verses

(10 Apr 2021 19:27) (+11) (Comments: 1) (Last Comment: 10 Apr 2021 19:50)


Project Covenant

Milly's Note
(A collab with StretchsterzStretchsterz )

(02 Apr 2021 22:53) (+13) (Comments: 0) (Last Comment: )

Minimalism Contest 2021

To My Dearest Guest

(21 Apr 2021 15:36) (+23) (Comments: 6) (Last Comment: 09 Jul 2021 22:49)

The Keeper's Song
(A collab with StretchsterzStretchsterz )

(21 Apr 2021 16:36) (+25) (Comments: 4) (Last Comment: 09 Jul 2021 22:22)

Read-Only Memories

(Read Level 404, E. Isle and Nostalgi Gaius before you delve into this one.)

447265616d73 (Dreams In Hexadecimal)

(26 Apr 2021 16:34) (+29) (Comments: 8) (Last Comment: 14 Jun 2021 21:39)

Memories In Binary

(14 Jun 2021 21:30) (+19) (Comments: 1) (Last Comment: 14 Jun 2021 23:24)

The Book Of Zero



(11 May 2021 17:45) (+16) (Comments: 1) (Last Comment: 20 May 2021 13:18)

Embers Of Light
A collab with TrailmixNCocoaTrailmixNCocoa!

(13 Oct 2021 13:25) (+15) (Comments: 9) (Last Comment: 13 Oct 2021 18:52)

Other Tales

Log 906-1

(01 Jun 2021 18:43) (+12) (Comments: 4) (Last Comment: 24 Oct 2021 13:58)


Cygnus Archive/Order Flag


Scrapyard Logo
(Gear star made by ArgonMightyArgonMighty)

Author's Notes:

This section is where I give a little commentary on the things I wrote!

Level 906 - The Cygnus Archive / Entity 140 - Blanche.

You can't really separate these two pages. They're my first works for this wiki, and well… they're the most popular pages I've wrote, and for good reason! I never expected Blanche to become this popular, to be honest. There's still a lot left to explore with these two, and I plan on delving deeper into some of their themes in other tales.

To My Dearest Guest

My entry to 2021's Minimalism Contest. It was never meant to win, at 356 words. Instead, I wrote this because the contest was full of entries themed around sadness, horror, despair, and other similar things. So, I decided to write something more wholesome. It worked, I suppose, since it is one of my highest rated pages. It's…. still last place in the contest, though. Third to last place, now? Funky. Not that I mind, I just find it funny.

Entity 95 - Reality Bugs

haha funky beetles go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jokes aside, this one was kind of a more casual entry, something more simple, a change of pace from all the stuff I've gotten myself into. I like it, but then again, I wrote it, so there's a bit of bias there.

Level 797 - The Path Less Traveled

My first page unrelated to Blanche (technically) and one of my favourites by far. This is up there with 906 and Blanche on the list of the favourite things i've written. Sadly, it didn't get near 906's popularity, but that's not relevant. I had fun writing this, and I like it. That's more than good enough.

Milly's Note/The Keeper's Song

As much as I'd love to, I can't talk that much about these ones yet! They serve as a teaser of things to come with Omenscript Verses.

Read-Only Memories

I never thought I'd get to write this, let alone this soon. etoisleetoisle 's stuff is what got me really hooked on the wiki. Working with hir characters was really fun, gotta admit I was a little nervous, though. I think I got the tone down, and I look forward to write more for this series. I have a lot of cool title ideas :3.

Level 714 - Future Funk Radio!

There's a fun story behind this one. Future Funk Radio is the product of my favorite interaction ever in the Backrooms Tech Support Server's #idea-critique channel:

person 1: what if there was an entity that didn't like noise
person 2: what if it was a musician trying to record music
person 3: what if the song lyrics have hidden prophecies, giving you a reason to stay and listen
my one braincell: what if…. F U N K Y

This was a lot of fun to write, I got to ditch the clinical tone, and just write a stylish article, soaked in early 2000's vibes. Or at least that was the goal :p… Do yourself a favour and listen to some Hideki Naganuma while reading this. There's a few nods to both his work and Jet Set Radio on the page!

Level 817 - The Scrapyard

The Scrapyard was born due to a really convenient series of events. I had an idea for a level full of obsolete electronics and scrap, but I didn't really write it until three weeks later, when a random conversation brought me back to the concept. Frederick "Rust Punk" Kaiser was created when someone threw around the idea of "A Guy Who Owns The Place". After all that, I added in a few weird objects, a bunch of Guilty Gear references (let me know if you can find them all!) and the Dust Devils, and boom. New level. Pretty cool, if I may add. Also it now has a kick-ass theme made in collaboration with ArgonMightyArgonMighty!


This tale was really fun to write. My favorite way of writing is having two people on the same google doc, two characters, and each person writes their character's dialogue, sorta like roleplay? This tale was written that way by me (Blanche) and SQUISHEPOOSQUISHEPOO (Zero). Part 2 is planned to happen sometime soon!

Log 906-1

This was actually the first tale I've ever written for the wiki. Problem is… it was in development hell for two whole months. It looks a lot different, compared to the first iteration, a mere discovery log now turned into an introductory tale for Team New Horizons (Axel, Dawn, Faith, Kayn). Expect to see them more often!

Tom Von Haderach

Oh, boy. This one. This character has been through a lot. Originally intended to be the main character of a now defunct Black Knights tale series, White Queen, Tom underwent drastic changes once I decided to drop that series. Frankly, I prefer the newer version. Keep an eye out for future tales featuring this guy!

The Fan Art Section

I'd like to take this chance to thank every single one of the artists featured here, every single one of the writers who made use of my works, and every single person who helped me get them into paper, be it with tech stuff, writing, anything as simple as asking questions… Thanks, everyone.
I hope I can one day return to the community the suport I was given.

Well, thanks for sticking around until the very end! Take care, stay hydrated, and rock on!


hehe pet snom

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