The Smiling Room
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This Room is extremely dangerous, as this is the homebase of the Smilers, but it contains many advantageous items, such as the attenuate Smiler Exterminator and other items: tenacity in this room is much rewarded.

"The Smiling Room" appears to be a thirty by sixty by five meter warehouse with a cement floor and walls and there is an frequent dripping of water produced from cracks in the ceiling. Inside the right wall, there is a hole with a biologically active tunnel which is seemingly the birthplace of the Smilers, though it may lead to another Smiler room (so far it is unexplored).


Piece of meat found on the ground of the Smiling Room


The Smiling Room can be entered by entering a sewer grate in Level 3. If you go back down the sewer grate, you will go back to Level 3 if you so desire. If you go out the door, you will end up in The Hive.

Items found in The Smiling Room

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