Object 10 - "Smiler Fluid"
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This object is a fluid created by an unknown group, and found by 'The Explorers' group, and is now being created by The M.E.G. to use against Smilers.


This fluid is a blue liquid, that creates a mist when used, and it has the scent of mint and blueberries. it is composed of blueberries, various salts, mint herbs, and peroxide. Very easy to create and use, if you have the proper materials in your possession. It is completely safe to Humans, and other creatures besides Smilers. When used on a Smiler, they will either run away and scream, disappear, or if they interact with the mist, they will start coughing, and lose their senses for a long periods of time, although it is not permanent. This Fluid is not lethal to Smilers at all, just disables them for long periods of time. This fluid is used in Smiler Exterminator bottles, for use of Wanderers to protect themselves.

Other Uses:

Since the fluids composition uses peroxide, it can kill bacteria on your wounds, and stop various infections. It can also be used to confuse attackers in a escape, or a battle. It can be used to paint warnings, or signs to warn other Wanderers of dangers.

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