Site Rules


Treat all members of the community with respect. It's fine to disagree with members of the wiki as long you are civil about it (the exception to this is in cases where your "opinion" falls under discrimination or bigotry).

Minimum Age
The minimum age to be a member of the site is 16. Users under the required age may still read articles on the site. Additionally, any users who show extreme immaturity and behavior indistinguishable from users under the required age may also be subject to disciplinary action at staff discretion.

Discriminatory Language and Bigotry
This includes racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc., and it will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Trolling is defined as any malicious action taken in an attempt to get a reaction out of people. Trolling and behavior indistinguishable from trolling will result in disciplinary action.

NSFW Content or Gore
NSFW content is not permitted on any part of this site. This includes any sort of adult content. If you are unsure if a draft of yours violates this rule, please contact a staff member, and we can look over it.

The Backrooms are not real. Do not act as if they are.

Ban Evasion & Sockpuppetry
Any attempt to evade a ban will result in an extension of the ban. In addition to this, creating an alt account on the wiki for any reason (without staff permission) is also not allowed. If you need to make an alt account (for example, if you lose access to your old account), contact a staff member.

Harassment is not allowed on the wiki under any circumstances. If you feel that a user is harassing you, please contact a staff member. Additionally, in extreme cases, a user may be banned for harassment that occurs offsite.

You are allowed to make very minor changes to articles on the wiki, such as fixing dead links or typos, but any other editing of other people's pages without the original author or the staff team's permission is not allowed. Note: This includes editing the "Entrances and Exits" section of a level to include links to your level.

Malicious Voting
Any voting of an article for reasons other than the content of the article is not allowed. Additionally, any brigading, or attempting to get a large amount of people to downvote an article is not allowed. Note: Upvoting your own articles is not considered to be malicious voting, and is completely fine.

All articles posted to the site must go through the greenlight process (except in specific circumstances, such as contests). Any ungreenlit articles will be deleted by staff, and the offending user will receive a warning. Please read the Greenlight Policy for more information.

Any attempt to pass off the work or ideas of others as your own will be met with disciplinary action. It's fine to take inspiration from somewhere, but direct copying is not allowed. Passing off AI-generated content as your own work is also subject to disciplinary action.

Images, Text, and Multimedia
All images, text, and other multimedia on the site must comply the CC BY-SA 3.0, which means that any copyrighted, or unsourced content cannot be used. AI-generated images, text, and other multimedia cannot be used as well. Please see the Image Use Guide for more information.

Stop Orders
If a staff member issues a stop order on any conversation, listen to them, and do not continue the conversation.

Raiding Another Site
Raiding another site or community in the name of the Backrooms Wiki is not allowed under any circumstances.

Disciplinary Action:

Breaking any of the rules of the site will result in one of the following as decided by staff on a case-by-case basis. Which action is taken will be based on which rules were broken and the user's past behavior.

A warning is exactly what it sounds like. This consists of a staff member warning the user about what rule they have broken, either in a discussion/forum post or by Wikidot PM. This is almost always the first course of action in cases where the user doesn't have any clear malicious intent.

A revocation is when a user's membership is removed. This acts as a stronger warning, and the offending user can re-apply at any time. This is usually used in milder cases where users were warned by staff, and either didn't listen, or didn't see the original warning.

Bans can range from 1 day to forever. These are used as a final measure in cases of either extreme rule breaks or a pattern of clearly malicious or bigoted behavior. Bans can be appealed in our dedicated Ban Appeals Discord Server.

Appealing a Ban:

If you feel that you were wrongly banned, or that you deserve another chance, please visit the Ban Appeals Discord Server. During the appeals process, you will be asked to explain why you believe you should be unbanned, and the Staff Team will determine if your ban will be shortened or removed, and/or how long you have to wait before appealing again.

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