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Canon creator

Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio / Boring Talking

Original canon co-creators

TheBoxOfFunTheBoxOfFun and StretchsterzStretchsterz
(If this doesn't show the canon's age, idk what will)

Current major contributors

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What is Sim Canon?

Simulation Canon is, admittedly, an erroneus name. It is a relic of its shaky, 20201 foundations when I first tried to dip my toes into narrative storytelling inside of the Backrooms with Level 600. If you look at both it, its two connected levels, and its accompanying tale, I'm sure you can tell it was a first attempt.

Had you asked silly ol' me what this canon was back then, I would've told you very simply what it was! Once upon a time, it was about the Backrooms being a simulation, people figuring that out, exploiting it, and having the Backrooms fight back against it. However, basically all of those plans have been scrapped, and a new name really hasn't been figured out. So… Sim Canon it is for now!

Okay, so what is it really?

Good question! In all honesty, this canon is simply my own personal curated timeline, made up from the pages I've written and people who I've collaborated with. Unlike other canons, which are united either with a GOI, a gimmick, or a big event, Simulation Canon… Isn't. It's a timeline that gained its own identity.

Its pages are connected mainly through its themes of being mostly about humans, incorporating as much other Backrooms writing as possible, and generally feeling more grounded. The main core of the canon, and this should be heeded as much as possible if someone wants to write for it, is this:

  • The Backrooms is a weird, wild place that can get as wacky as it wants, but the canon will always follow humans, human-based issues, and human feeling narratives.

In Sim, you won't usually get a character with powers or have extremely supernatural stuff happen. If it does, it usually happens for a narrative reason. Most people in the canon are just people trying to get by, anyone from a lone survivor to the leader of a dictatorship follows this rule. Besides its rigid timeline, that's basically as much identity as it has! I try stick to it as religiously as I can, especially in the age of canons such as the Pantheon.

What's the goal of this canon?

It has two goals, technically speaking. The first goal is the most obvious, I just want to tell its story. The canon has a definitive lore which mainly starts in 1925, and ends in 2100, and I intend to highlight all different parts of it to the best of my ability as basically the main contributor to the canon. Secondly, my goal is to just write stuff that's different to what's on-site: stuff that's distinctly human-led, yet still utilises as much existing lore as possible, and attempts to tell stories that are almost completely self-contained to their own article whilst also taking place in a grander timeline!

Is it possible to contribute?

Yes, absolutely! I love it when people contribute to the canon as it's something that happens very rarely. As the timeline of Sim Canon is one kept especially rigid, retconning is preferably not something that should happen, it would be ideal to contact me first with your ideas before writing them! As I am just a one man band attempting to write lore that spans over 200 years, quite a lot of it isn't on-site yet, so I'd need to be there to make sure your concepts don't clash with anything and that they fit the themes of the canon too.

If you do want to write but don't have any ideas yet, please see the various stuff listed further down. The canon is technically divided into 5 different periods in history, only three of which have been seen on-site, and any concepts for stories can be neatly fit into any one of those five periods! As I said, the info on this is further down.

(Writing within these dates is not mandatory, these are just the main ones used by myself and other authors.)


The Lost.

The era of the Lost is, obviously, the first era of Backrooms history. In current canon, it was around 4000 BCE when humans first begin arriving.2 Back in these days, the Backrooms was far less varied. Most levels were outdoors, small towns, or the inside of straw/stone/mud buildings. Because of this, places were less "liminal" and wildernessy, for lack of a better word. Things were also a little safer, with less dangerous monsters and an easier transport across levels due to their simpler geography.

However, in place of geographical dangers, the Lost had to learn how to fend for themselves. I know, sounds shit, but let me explain! Obviously, back in the days of 1000 BCE, society wasn't as developed. Things like writing and large scale farming were only just developing, and so suddenly being thrust into a landscape not only with alien creatures but without any kind of supplies to scavenge would obviously prove a challenge. That, and the Lost are basically the forerunners of human civilisation in the Backrooms. No one came before them, and it's them who had to try and understand and document what was around them.

Stories from the Lost era should mainly focus on this fact. People in the Lost were setting the groundwork for future generations, and had to do this with no helping hand from anyone above. Innovation would be a major theme, as would the theme of overcoming adversity. On a less uplifting note, there could also be the theme of prejudice. The Lost, and other groups in this time period, were made of hundreds of isolated cultures, all of which having their own ideas on how to run their towns. Obviously, this would cause a lot of indifference and marginalisation depending on which ideologies rise to the top.

Current pages in this era, listed in chronological order

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