The Whisper
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Class 5

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"One of many photos found of the whisper, found on a camera in Level 4"

The Whisper is a secret level that seems to affect the mind in extremely dangerous ways


The Whisper is an empty landscape with large forests and even cities that goes on for an unknown amount of miles. Deep blue mist will constantly surround you, giving the grass and woods of the area a cold and bitter wind. Deep within the forests of the whisper, abandoned towns and cities have been found, also in deep shades of blue.

Due to the nature of The Whisper there have been no long lasting outposts or settlements. it is mostly empty, and very few roam it still. Very few entities roam the level. Although the few that do are very hostile, albeit slow and easy to avoid

While this level may initially seem to be quite safe and survivable, the effects of the level will begin to grow and consume the survivor as they continue throughout the level. The level causes extreme amounts of tiredness, apathy, and an overall lack of compassion for themselves or others. It may, in extended amounts of time, cause depression and burnout.

After about a day inside of the level, survivors will begin to avoid leaving the level, assuming that the effects of the level, should they even recognize that they have occurred, will only be worsened in other levels, and that they should stay in it to die.

The effects of this level do not inherently cause death, however long-lasting survivors will make less attempts to avoid the entities of the level eventually allowing themselves to be killed.

The survivors of the level, few that there still are, are sleep deprived, bitter and hostile. The few that have lasted longer than a few days in The whisper have begun being outwardly dangerous to any other person who attempts to help them.

The following is a note from a survivor having been stuck in this level for 3 days:


“I don’t know where I'm going anymore. Things are so cold now. I can’t feel my thoughts anymore, as if someone else is in my head. Found a city here a while ago. It’s massive, can’t believe I never found it before. The view is beautiful. I wish I could take a photo of it.

I miss my daughter. And my wife. I don’t remember where they are anymore, but I know they aren’t in this place. I can still remember them. Not they’re names, or what they looked like really, just vague memories. Of a place before here. I don’t even know my own name.

I might let the beast take me. It hasn’t attacked yet but I know it wants to. It keeps following me. Like it knows what will happen to me next. I don’t have anything else but this place, and I'm tired of it. I want out but I'm sure only worse things are to come. Leaving this note in case anyone knew who I was. Don’t tell my daughter what happened.”

Let this be a warning to those planning to explore The Whisper.

Entrances And Exits:

The entrance of the level can be found in an area of Level -5. You must stay within the deep forests of Level -5, long enough to pass and fall asleep. There is then a great chance of you waking up in the level. If this does not work, travel deeper.

It is unknown where the exit to The Whisper is. If you have stayed in it for longer than a few hours, it is likely your only exit will be death.

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