The garden
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The infinite terrain of The Garden.

The garden is a very dangerous Secret Level, with many strange properties.


The garden is very strange, it has two parts, The weeds, and The tall grass. Other Entities, such as Facelings, Howlers, and Crawlers can, and regularly, go here. It is speculated these levels are where the mating occurs, and may be related in some way to The Hive. Being in The garden for more than 2 months can cause lethal, auditory hallucinations can occur, telling you to eat certain things. Visual hallucinations of yourself dying, can cause high rates of suicide, and over-eating.

The Weeds:

The weeds Is a mulch floor going down at least 900 kilometers, and a tile ceiling. It is very peculiar that it holds up because there are no known walls. In The weeds there are no entities whatsoever, however, there are a plethora of skeletons lying about, or deep underground. It is theorized the mulch has different heights for different seasons. u/hento-menti along with a group of friends made a venture to The garden and measured the ceiling to mulch Level. This was 5'2". However, they went back after 3 months, and measured 8'9".

"It was like some demonic playground. My group had to take therapy after, and were not anticipating doing round 2. They said they heard their loved ones screaming for help, and them telling us to eat the mulch. The higher the mulch was, the worse it all got." u/hento-menti.

The Tall Grass:

If you find yourself in The weeds and you open a ceiling tile, you will go into The tall grass. It is almost exactly the same, but the mulch is now dirt, and everything is upside down. The dirt is connected in cubic chunks, about 2' long, repeating on and on. The dirt stays up because it is very dense, it could crush someone if it fell on them. This area of The garden is one of the more dangerous parts. If in The weeds' mulch is at a low, The Tall Grass's dirt will be at a low as well, causing high chances of accidental falling of the ceiling. On the contrary, when The weeds' mulch is at a high, The tall grass's dirt goes up by 15 kilometers. During this era, there is a large misty fog that will engulf anything and everything. It is not safe to breathe this fog, but can make almond water when put in a bag of ice cubes (or similar temperatures).

There are no known pictures of the tall grass.

Colonies And Outposts:

There is only one known colony, they call themselves the þimbians (pronounced thimbians). It is very well emphasized that they use the thorn. They seem to be nice, unless you mention the almighty one, then they issue a warning, then KOS. þimbians mostly stick together and collect skeletons for food. The þimbians have created a concoction of almond water, and ground skeleton to create edible mulch. The Almond Water comes from the tall grass during misty seasons. The þimbians cool it down by using the room temperature from the weeds.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, it's actually pretty simple. In the hub, If you head to the end of the tunnel, you can No-Clip through the wall, and potentially end up at The garden. However, you could also end up in Level -1 Or Level 4. It is speculated there are more efficient ways of getting to The garden, but none have been found yet. We have yet to find other ways. To Exit, you can only get out in The weeds by placing a ceiling tile upside down, and jumping into it pencil style, and other methods of No-Clip is dangerous and can cause loss of gonads (which are key for survival in Level 3 through Level 7), and can lead to Level 2 or Level 4. If you try this in The tall grass you will end up in Level -1. It is difficult though.

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