The Deadrooms
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The only photo of The Deadrooms.


The Deadrooms are glitched rooms that consist of one entity that is rumored to exist inside there, deemed the "Deadworm". It is unknown that they do exist, but it has been rumored to exist.

The Deadrooms are rooms that you can fall into, as there is no collision. One person by the name of u/korekaba took a picture of them in the Backrooms, with binary code on the ground and a Deadroom nearby. People are advised not to enter these rooms or else they'll fall through the floor and into a trap room with no way to exit. People die and starve in there, or they are killed by unknown/unconfirmed entities that can walk in there.

Entrances And Exits:

The Deadrooms appear in every level that isn't an open space (like a city etc.) Should you enter The Deadrooms it is then impossible to escape.

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