The Code
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The Code is a very unexplored level, and it's existence has been debated and questioned for years.


The code's layout seems to be constantly changing. Some survivors have even seen the walls shift right in front of them. When asked what the code looks like by any survivor who has claimed to have been there, they say it is impossible to describe.

Interview between The M.E.G. "Team Life Line" official Doctor Phoenix and survivor claiming to have been in the code

Phoenix: "Alright, let's get this started. Your name?

Ridley: Ridley. Ridley Glass.

Phoenix: And you claim to have entered this "Code" area, then?

(Ridley nods his head.)

Phoenix: We have never been able to get a description of the code before. Could you provide us with-

Ridley interrupts the Doctor

Ridley: No. I, I just can't. Okay? It's too much to describe. Too many things… going on at once.

(He pauses.)

Phoenix: Too many things going on at once? What?

Ridley: Pictures don't do it justice. It's so bright. It didn't hurt to be there at the time, but now I only get headaches thinking about it.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level due to the codes nature.


There are only two entities in the level, referred to as "Null" and "The motherboard" respectively.

A null is a being that is made up of what looks like black, charred vines, and is hostile in any condition. Turning on your flashlight gives you a higher chance of being spotted by a null. It is unknown how the attack, but are assumed to be hostile by their persistence.

The Motherboard is a tall creature with a vintage TV for a head. The Motherboard is extremely tall, clearing 10 feet easily. The Motherboard usually looms above you. Should you look directly into it's television head, you may die. It is believed that the motherboard controls the code, at least partially.

Entrances And Exits:

It is believed that if power goes out in the backrooms, you have a small chance of going to this level. Part of why it may not exist is that there has been no easy way to enter the level other than by random chance.

It cannot be exited, as those who have escaped the level did so by no-clipping on weak walls. As such, no reliable escape method exists.

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