The Blackout
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Class 5

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A photo of a corridor in the blackout.

The Blackout is the 5th Secret level in The Backrooms. It is a parallel to the The whiteout, which is discovered first.


The blackout is a perfect mirror of the whiteout. It represents an abandoned and forgotten house, infested with cobwebs and extremely fragile floorboards. A large section is also burned and infested with mold. This level, unlike the whiteout, is infested with hounds, smilers, and the frayed.

The blackouts affects on sanity are quite significant. Voices can be heard echoing in the halls, although they cannot be reached. Screams will occasionally come from behind you, although no source can be found for this other than the mind.

The blackout's windows can be looked through, unlike the whiteouts. When looked through, it appears to be midnight within a field. The windows cannot be broken, and there is no way to go inside this area. It is also the same area for every window, which may suggest the location is not real at all. Shadowy figures can occasionally be seen walking in the distant hills, with white glowing eyes.

The Bride:

"The Bride", is the only entity that is completely exclusive to this level. She is a spectral creature who takes the appearance of a dead woman in a wedding gown. She does not attack, however will begin to follow you from a distance after you first encounter her (Usually sobbing quietly in a room). The bride may have some connection to the house, or the whiteout completely, however it is unclear.

The maker appears to have some connection to the Bride, and can be seen behind her at times, but only in photos. He does not have an actual presence within this level

Colonies And Outposts

Every group that has traveled into the Blackout has died within time, as there is no escape nor constant supplies to be found.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, You must travel far into the Whiteout. You will eventually come across a grey door, which will lead to the blackout and lock behind you.

There is no confirmed exit, however one is theorized to exist.

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