The Basement
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A picture of The Basement.


The Basement is a secret level of the backrooms that was formerly theorized to exist at the bottom floor of the backrooms, but there is no evidence that proves that there is a bottom floor. Due to this the former Level -1 was renamed to the basement and a different Level was named -1. To enter the level you must break through the ceiling of any Level, including the Negative Levels. This level is regarded as being the most mysterious Level (even more so than Level 3 and Level 6.) Despite this, it is traversed by many who have the willpower to last through the level. The exits to other levels are seemingly random and unpredictable, much like the entrances. Many who have passed through the basement have told tales of an unknown base, the contents and authenticity of said base has not yet been confirmed.

The rooms in The Basement are mostly similar in what they hold, a single door and 1-3 lights on the ceiling. Upon entering the door, is another room with 1 door and 1-3 lights. In very rare instances you will find a brick wall behind a door, but closing the door behind you will lead you to another room when opening the door again. This goes on for about 500-800 million square miles. In rare circumstances, you will find exits with an elevator leading to mostly level 3 but some reports have said it lead them to Level 2.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you must break through the floor, or ceiling of any Level. To Exit. Keep traversing The Basement's doors until an elevator appears, take it to get to Level 2.

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